Tuesday, November 15, 2011

plan "get a baby"

Last night Bob and I had a meeting with our doctor to discuss what the next step is for plan "baby Barber." We are now in our 5th month of working with our fertility dr. We have done clomid for 3 months, and this is the 2nd month of Femara. Our Dr. explained that since I had surgery to fix my issues and then with the boost from the drugs, my problems should be fixed. Once they are fixed, you should get pregnant within 3 months. Oh ya did I mention we are on month 5? So after this month, continuing what we are doing will be a waste of money. Basically my tubes are having issues since the past 5 months there has been both good eggs and sperm. My Dr. thinks that my endometriosis is affecting my tubes. The only option to get around those dumb tubes is IVF.

I remember leaving one of my first appointments with Dr. Foulk where he told me I had endometriosis and that I may end up having to do IVF. I left his office bawling and I was devastated that I might have to go through IVF to get a baby.

Before going to the appointment last night, I knew that we were headed towards the path of IVF. And I was excited to know that we have that option. It's funny how your perspective changes. I also feel so blessed that we have IVF to help me get a baby, since my tubes struggle.

We are also trying to be hopeful for this month, we haven't given up. We still have this month where we will do insemination with Femara. If nothing happens then the plan is to take December off, and then figure out all of the IVF stuff in January.

And that's our update.