Monday, March 18, 2013

The 2nd Luck of the Irish 5K

Bob, Olivia, and I ran a 5k on Saturday with the rest of my family. Bob is a good sport and participates even though its not his favorite type of competition.  This 5k was a fundraiser for my school and I bribed my kids to come and challenged them to beat Bob and I. In past races we have ran, I have always beat Bob and I am pretty proud of that since he beats me in almost everything else.

(Also a good side note is that I was never competitive about anything before becoming a Barber.  I was a go with the flow, do my own thing girl. Now I want to win things... For our school competition, the class who has the most students run the race gets a pizza party. Im pretty sure my class won.)

I made Olivia a onesie since they didn't have any race shirts in her size. 

She looks pretty cute in her sunglasses. 

My game plan was run pushing the stroller for the first mile, and then after the first mile I'd leave Bob with Olivia and I'd go ahead. (I had to beat my students.) We started out and we were running around a 10 minute mile pace and Bob said he couldnt go any faster. I encouraged him to stay with me and we averaged about a 9 minute pace. We were going down a long street that had we would run down and then turn around and run back. I knew we were past a mile, but I thought I'd keep Bob running until the turn and then let him have his turn with the stroller. Little did I know, Bob had his own plan in mind. At the turn he just took off. I have no idea where the energy came from. For a little while, I figured I would catch up to him... but I never did.

(When I bribed my kids I told them I would I would give them 100 viking dollars (class dollars) if they beat me and 100 if they beat Bob. And I told them that I was faster than Bob, so they would most likely get 100 for beating him.)

Bob beat me by a couple minutes. (I stopped to talk to my principal so I'll blame part of it on that. And I just had a baby a few months ago...)  Even though he beat me at something I usually beat him at, I was really proud of him. He also came in 2nd out of my family, when usually he is closer to 2nd to last. He rocked this race. He told me later that he felt so good he could run another 5k right then.

Don't you worry, ill be out jogging these next few months getting back in shape so I can beat Bob at our next race.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 Months

Dear Little Olivia,

You are now 4 months old. You have been such a light in our lives. You make your Dad and I so happy. We can't wait for month 5.

This month you:

- Met your friend Olivia Burr, who is letting you borrow a few of her toys and clothes.
- Fell in love with the play mat. You will lay there and talk to Mr. Turtle who hangs from above.
- You have taken many naps in the jogging stroller. Mom puts you in at nap time and you go over to Orem Community Hospital and walk around the track. One day you took a walk with your friend Tyler Sodja.
- You tag along on dates with Mom and Dad. (Pizzeria 712, Waffle Love, Happy Sumo, and Station 22.)
- We have gone to visit Great Grandma Andrus a few times this month. She wants to hold you like a baby but all you want to do is stand.
-You have started laughing. We have only heard it a few times. You laughed when mom made some funny noises and when she blew raspberries on your belly.
- You are a pro at tummy time. You hold your head up high and are starting to inch your way towards your toys.
- For the first time you went to all 3 hours of church. The first week was hard, but each week has gotten a little easier. (For Mom.)
- You roll over a few times a week. Still only from your tummy to your back.
- You have found your toes, and when you are pant-less, you grab onto them.
- At night you try to sneak your left arm out of your swaddle.
- Your cousins came to visit. Abby and Ty came to hang out at our house, and then we met up with Coy and Keith for dinner.
- While mom and dad eat dinner, you like to sit in your bumbo chair. You also sit with the boppy supporting you.
- At night you still need to be swaddled, but during the day you will nap with your arms out, and sometimes above your head.
- You got sick for the first time this month. Mom went to get you out of your crib and you had thrown up. And then threw up 3 more times that morning. The doctor wanted to see you that day. You were super irritable and sad. Luckily it only lasted for 1 day. Mom and Dad both stayed home with you that day. You weighed in at 12 pounds 8 ounces.
- We finally moved up to size 2 diapers.
- You are using your hands more and more to hold and grab things. You pull your binky out all of the time.
- Mom bought you your first life jacket at Costco. Crossing our fingers you love the water.
- While at the babysitters you have been drinking 1 bottle with 2-3 ounces of milk. You finally decided that you are hungry enough for 4 ounces.
- You love Sadie and Sarah. You recognize them at church and give them big smiles.
- Once mom picks you up from Sarah's you come home and eat at noon. You eat again at 2, 4, 6, and 8 and then go to bed for the night.
- You have been sleeping from 8 PM to 7 AM and waking up once around 3 or 4 to eat.
- For the first time since being in your room and sleeping in your crib you slept from 8 until 7 without waking up in the middle of the night. (Night of March 12th)
- Sucking your hands is one of your favorite things to do.
- You still wear some 3 month clothes, some 3-6 are a tiny bit too big, but you still wear them.
- Almost every Friday, Dad has had the day off this month. So you get to stay home and play with him.
- We have been sitting on a blanket outside playing in the sun. We are so happy to be able to be outside after the long winter.

Your 4 month appointment isn't until next week, so I will update your stats then.

Having a girl is so much fun. I love being able to pick a matching bow and headband to go with her outfits. We usually only dress up on the weekends. During the week while Mom is working, she mostly wears pajamas. Living by Target will bankrupt us, good thing we are moving. (And there isn't a Target in Pendleton.) Every time I go, I have to look at all of their baby girl clothes. I feel like I have an angel and a devil sitting on my shoulders. One trying to convince me to buy that cute dress and the other telling me we already have a closet full at home.

I can't wait for the school year to be over. I love my kids and I love teaching- but I am ready to be a full time stay at home mom. Only a couple weeks until Spring Break and then the school year is almost over. (At least I keep telling myself that.) I do have to say that I am lucky that I was able to go part time. I get to be home everyday at noon and I love that. We also are blessed with a wonderful babysitter.

The thing I hate about school is pumping. I will be so happy to be done with that phase. Every morning during recess I have to shoo all of my kids out. (Getting my slow pokes out can be a challenge.) Locking the door and having a student double check is a must. And then I get to wash all of my bottles and pump parts each night by hand. *Can't wait to have a dishwasher!

During the afternoons we follow the same schedule, and have done so since I went back to work. I will feed her, and then we will play for the next 45 minutes or so until she gets tired. Lately we have been reading a lot of books. She will sit in her bumbo or on my lap and listen to a few stories. Once I read 5 books in a row and she was still entertained by it. I used up all of my bonus points from my book orders and brought home a bunch of books for Olivia. She has her own little library, and will be needing her own bookshelf soon.

Taking her pictures this month was by far the hardest. She is wanting to sit up on her own, but can't quite do it. And she is so wiggly. Between trying to keep her in place and smiling, the pictures were far and few between. I am sure that it will only get harder from here on out.