Saturday, February 26, 2011


Bob recently went to the dentist to get a crown. At his appointment he got a temporary crown until the permanent crown was ready. He had it two days, and then one night he was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and I heard him yell, "Crap!"  He had flossed out his crown. He went the next day and they put it back in. But until his next appointment, he needed to remember not to floss that tooth. So he wrote himself a reminder on the mirror.

At the beginning of they year, I wrote down a few goals that I had for the new year. One of those goals was to exercise everyday. January was hard, but I went to the gym everyday after school and on Saturday mornings. On Saturdays I would run into my friend Leandra and she would try to convince me to come in the mornings before school. YA RIGHT.

 In early February I had parent teacher conferences and knew I wouldn't make it to the gym after school. So I went at 5:00AM, a time I didn't know existed. After that week I just kept doing it because I loved having the freedom after school. I was never tied down to go to the gym after work. I do have to go to bed early, but I love my new schedule.

Since I am waking up earlier, I am able to be a better wife. Which was another one of my goals. Every morning I am able to make Bob a lunch before he leaves. I was so bad at doing this before, so I am glad that I can send him to school with food.

Cooking 3 times a week, is a goal that I have not kept up with. Why is cooking so hard? I started out strong in January for the first couple weeks, and then the last couple weeks I have picked it back up.  Andrea and I have been cooking for each other and it has been so nice and motivating.

My newest goal is to train and run a half marathon this summer. I signed up for the Utah Valley Half in June with Mary. I am going to start training and by training I mean running next week. Today I ran a mile in my new running shoes, and thats about as far as I got. I'll try for 2 next week.

My only problem is that since I have been working out and eating healthy my acne has returned in full force. Why does that happen? This is not fair. People have said, well it's because your sweating so much. But I workout, come home and shower immediately. Ahhhh. If anyone has any advise or great face products that they would recommend, let me know.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Silly Girls}

I have had quite a few posts about my class, but I couldn't help but share these. But beware some of these are not 3rd grade appropriate!

I was reading with a couple of my students at the back table and school was almost over for the day. One of my sweet little girls turned and told me she was going to spend the next day with her "Mean Grandma." She then proceeded to tell me that her brother was going to have surgery the next morning on his testicles because one was too big.  I almost died right there. In my mind, I'm saying "Why are you telling your 8 year old daughter about testicles?" Trying to avoid the conversation, I asked why her she didn't like her grandma and she said that she wouldn't let her pick out her own outfits or do her hair.

As we were walking to lunch, bff of the girl mentioned above looks at me and pauses, "Mrs. Barber, can you live without skinny jeans?" I am confused at this point because I am wearing my black slacks- why is she asking this? I asked her why and she told me that she just LOVES hers and can't go a day without wearing them. She wanted to know if I felt the same.

Last but not least.... my best story.

We just started writing letters to our pen pals. This is one of my favorite writing units. But while we wait for the replies, we work on other projects. I told my kids last week they could write a story about Valentines day. It could be fiction or a personal narrative. One of my girls came back for a "Teacher Check" where I help fix some spelling and grammatical errors. I started reading her story, and it began by saying that there were 2 cupids. The next sentence caught me off guard when it said that "They made love." It took me a LONG few seconds to realize that she was referring to making as in creating love. As in, it had never existed before. I almost died. Later on in the story they created a song about love.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Icy Morning!

The only thing worse than getting up at 5 AM to go to the gym is:
Waking up at 5 to go to the gym and having to scrape frozen ice off of your car.

Please spring come quickly, because I know a garage isn't!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentines Surprise!

I kindly reminded Bob a couple weeks ago that Valentines Day was coming up and it was his turn to plan the date. Little did I know that Bob would be in the middle of studying for a really hard test last weekend. I felt bad, but Bob still pulled through with an amazing date after passing his test.

I am sad to say that we didn't get a picture of the two of us together. I need to be better at having someone take our picture when we go out.

I came home from school on Friday to beautiful flowers and a few clues.

The first said, Happy Valentines Day!

We got in the car and the 2nd clue gave us an address in American Fork. We arrived at our destination: Rodizio Grill. The food was really good and we ate a ton. I enjoyed the food, but felt like the salad bar was skimpy. It is a lot better at Tucanos. Bob said Rodizio has more authentic Brazillian food.

When we left I got to open my next clue which told me I got to pick out an outfit at the mall. We drove over to University Mall.... but I couldn't find anything I wanted. It always seems like when your just browsing you find whatever you want. When you actually are out to buy something... I can never find anything.

We came home and watched a movie together. We both had a busy week with lots of long days and we were asleep by 9:00. haha. Bob did a great job of planning and surprising me this Valentines Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

Friday night Bob and I spent next door helping Andrea and Brent paint their apartment. We left for the night with it unfinished because we ran out of paint.

Saturday I woke up to go to the gym, but woke up with a migraine. I tried to work on my Relief Society lesson, but couldn't concentrate. I took a 3 hour nap, and woke up to quickly get ready for the BYU basketball game. Andrea and Brent came with us and we enjoyed the game against UNLV. It was so fun to be in the Marriott Center and watch the game live.

We came home and started to pull up our carpet. Well I should say mostly Bob pulled up the carpet. My Dad was replacing the carpet in my sisters apartment next door, and we were lucky enough to get new carpet in our living room.

 We had to pull all of the shelves off of the wall to pull the rest of the carpet up. When we took the shelves away, we found a nice red wall.

 It worked out happening on the perfect weekend. Our kitchen was filled to capacity with our furniture. But since we were fasting, we didn't have to worry about going in there.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another School Post

Today was inside recess. It was really cold, so I accepted the fact that the kids would be in all day. During morning recess I was walking down to the office when a girl from my class came out of the bathroom. She told me some girls were going crazy and playing around in the bathroom.

Doing my teacherly duty, I went in and found 2 girls washing their hands and no one else in sight. But I did hear a lot of voices from the last stall. (You know, the big one.) I told the girls to come out. Out came 4 girls from 2nd grade. We were all leaving the bathroom as I was telling them that only 1 person goes into the stall at a time. (What is it with these kids and playing in the bathroom???) I notice one girl holding this pink rectangular phone shape up to her chest. I told her to show me what it was. It was an IPOD touch with one of those little protection covers on it. We have a strict no toys/ no electronics policy and have to take any that are seen or heard.

I asked the girl her name and her teacher, took the IPOD, and told her it would be in the office. When I got to the office her teacher was there so I gave it to her. When she returned to class the girl was hysterically bawling. She wouldn't admit what had happened at first to the teacher (even though she knew) but eventually gave in.

I'm hoping for warmer weather, even though I know tomorrow will be colder.

Hopefully I will have a non school related post sometime soon.