Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wailea Gold & Emerald

Our final golf trip of the vacation. We made it to Wailea Gold and Emerald. We were excited that we were able to golf these courses. We started golfing on Emerald, but there was a youth golf tournament ahead of us and after 9, they moved us to the Gold course so we could finish before the Sun went down. It was so nice to see both of the courses. They were beautiful. On the Emerald Course Newt Gingrich was a couple holes behind us.

Bob warming up for the first hole.

 Alyse, Bob, and Lowell

Bob teeing off.

Us on the course.

Bob putting.

Our little cutey Coy who we snuck on the course. 

Bob's true love

After the beach we ran to grab some lunch. Ashley and I stopped to get salads, and the boys were off to McDonalds. When they picked us back up, this is what we found.

This might've been their favorite meal in Hawaii. 

Beach Day

One of my last days in Hawaii we went to a beach down the road and spent the morning there. We set up our chairs and laid out our towels in preparation for our morning there. It was a beautiful day. Some people set up next to us said they had been out snorkeling and had seen some amazing fish and a few turtles out in the water not too far from the shore.

Ashley and I rented some snorkeling gear and went out. We snorkeled for 5-10 minutes before we ran into two huge turtles. It was so fun to just swim around them. At one point they were just a few feet beneath us and swam on by. It was so cool. We tried to let others use our gear to go see them, but they weren't able to find them.

In this picture of Bob and I, the people in the water behind us is where we were snorkeling.

 Ty enjoyed playing in the sand, swimming, and racing his cousins on the beach.

Tate enjoyed the beach, even though my only picture of him might not show how much. 

Bob found his place for the rest of the day. 

Coy had the perfect set up, and played in this pool. Then he found something better and realized he could lean over and get into the sand.

Abby practicing her surfing on the sand, and in the water with help from her Mom. 

 All in all, we had a wonderful time.

Dinner @ Wailea

One night we went to a burger place at the Wailea shops near our condo. Here are a few pictures from dinner. (Sorry about the sun, we were kind of seated outside.)
 Bob and I (Don't think I plan to match everyday, it just happens.)
 Brad and Shannon
 Little Miss Abby, we had such a good time on this trip.
And cute baby Coy, who was such a good baby on this trip.

Here are a few pictures after dinner. Brad and Bob were goofing around and getting some attention from the other mall goers. 

 Bob the fountain
 Brad and Bob (maybe there is a flag in the distance?)
Brad in full model pose.

And to finish this long post off, here are a few normal pictures of the family. 

 Bob and I 
Brad with Coy, Ty, Abby, and Tate
Brad, Ashley, Bob, and me

Wailea Blue Golf

Another day out on the golf course. Somehow Bob and I didn't look at each other when we were getting ready and decided to be twins!

Friday, September 16, 2011

oh the horror of 3rd grade

I'm sorry that every other post in my life is about school.... but that is my life.

On Monday I had a doctors appointment so I didn't come to school until noon. As the kids came in from recess they were all excited to see that I was back. I got them started on their assignment and one little boy came over to talk to me. This kid is animated every time he talks, he always has a funny face.  So he starts putting his hands into his shirt as he talks to me.

"Mrs. Barber, at lunch today this girl came to our table and she put her arms in her shirt like this, and then she did this (pushes his fists away from his chest in the breast area) and said I'M DEVELOPING!(Picture this boy saying it in a high screechy voice, with a funny face.) *At this point I pull the kid in the hall because everyone is looking and I realize this is serious. Once in the hall, I ask him "So what happened again?" And he puts his arms back in his shirt and repeats the previous story with actions.

"Mrs. Barber, then she said Feel Them! And P (girl in my class) touched them. I didn't touch them Mrs. Barber,  I promise."

So I talked to the other teachers during collaboration that afternoon and found out who it was. Parents were called, principal was involved. Apparently the girl had a few older sisters. And she was excited about going shopping for her first training bra soon. Wow- kids know way too much these days!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday morning I woke up and took what seems like my 100th pregnancy test. And for the 100th time it was negative. I spent a few hours crying on the couch thinking why me? I thought for sure that this was our month. Being on fertility meds and going to numerous appointments steps things up and makes it that much harder when it doesn't work out.  I seriously had a major pity party and could only think about myself and wondered why my life is so hard.

I remembered that it was 9/11 and wanted to watch the Music and the Spoken Word because I knew it was going to be a 9/11 tribute. Before it started I watched some of the news coverage of the 10th anniversary. As I watched the specials on TV, I realized how grateful I am for my life and the trials I have been given. My heart broke over and over again as I watched families on the TV grieving at the loss of their family members. Only a few hours prior I had been thinking of how hard my life was. But then I had an entirely different perspective.

Last month it was my turn to teach in Relief Society. I felt inspired to teach the topic of Having an Eternal Perspective. I want to tell an example that one of our sisters in our ward shared. She said that her 1 year old daughter will ask for a drink when they are in the kitchen. This sister acknowledges what her daughter has said, but turns away from her daughter to get the drink. Her daughter then starts to cry because she doesn't see her mom getting the drink. When the mom is actually doing exactly what she asked, getting her a drink. She compared this to us, and asking for things from our Heavenly Father. We ask, and he is working on it. We just become impatient and aren't willing to accept or are unhappy with the timing.

I won't lie, infertility is a very hard trial in my life. But I know that it is only a small moment in the scheme of things. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and knowledge that my family will be together forever. It brings such comfort when we are hurting. I know that one day I will become pregnant and have children of my own, it just might not be exactly when I want it to happen.

Along with the rest of the world, I want to recall the memory I have of September 11th. It amazes me that it really has been 10 years. The students I have taught this year and the past few, have no recollection because they weren't born, or were born that year.

I remember 9/11 like most others. My mom had to work that day and my dad took me to school at Spanish Fork Junior High. I was in 9th grade and my 1st period was Mr. Loveless. I remember loving him as a teacher because he was so hard to read. He never smiled and was very gruff. It was my goal in life to make him laugh. When I went into his class, he was watching the TV with one of the gym teachers and baseball coaches. I remember seeing the 2nd plane crash into the tower and wondering where that tower was. I had no idea what the Twin Towers were and where they were located. I remember thinking that it was sad that the planes had crashed. But it wasn't until a later class that I realized the crashes had been on purpose, and that our country was under attack.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snorkel Trip

One morning we went off on a snorkeling adventure. We didn't think it would be a big deal. haha. We got on the boat and everyone just sat on the end of the blue tube with a rope to hold onto. The water was pretty choppy as we rode out to Molokini Island.

 The boys got a little nervous and the captain of the boat had to stop twice to see what they were doing. (Some people in our party weren't sitting.) The captain asked if they spoke English, since they weren't listening to his instructions. It was pretty funny. The ride had a little twist at the end where we rode really close to the island and then did a few donuts. This led to some getting sea sick. Which led to some throwing up. 

Snorkeling was beautiful and fun for those of us who weren't sick. We enjoyed seeing the different fish around the island.

Bob and I before we jumped into the water. 

Heather, me, and Ashley after snorkeling

The boys waiting for our ride home. They were SO glad to be off the boat.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I made it to Friday

I interrupt the Hawaii blog posts (a few more in the making) to bring you a school update:

Naughty boy who got kicked out of computers twice already this year (we have only gone 6 times) was in the bathroom for quite a while this afternoon. I only let 1 boy and 1 girl go at a time with the bathroom pass. Another kid G was "dying" to go, so I  told him to check on T in the bathroom. Just to make sure he wasn't playing around.  G came back while everyone was silently working and announced to the class loudly, "Don't worry, he isn't playing around he is just going poop!"

Last year one of my kids gave me this itty bitty statue from Hollywood that says, "Hollywood Best Teacher." If you need a refresher, you can find it here. I still have it on my desk and I heard some kids talking about it today. On our way to lunch this sweet girl stops me.
"Mrs. Barber, I have a question for you."
--- Yes?
"I heard you got the best teacher in Hollywood award"
--- (I pause, think about it, and reply) Yes, Yes I did.
"Wow that is awesome!"

She seriously thought I had won this prestigious award, it was SO funny. I left the lunch room laughing. It seriously made my day.

Oh and have I mentioned that one of the boys in my class reminds me of Alfalfa from Little Rascals? He is so cute, he always parts his hair and slicks it down. (I'll sneak a pic next week on his best hair day and post it.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Makena Golf Course

Golf is a big part of our trip to Hawaii. I have loved watching Bob and the guys golf in the past but this year I loved it more than ever. It was so relaxing on the golf cart. Bob played really well, and each course was beautiful! 

This was our first time on the Makena course. I think I took 50 pictures each time we went golfing, I loved each hole. 

My time was spent on the cart reading. I read the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen and loved it. 

 The Barber men, showing off the Barber Pole Putter.

Seriously, I love riding the cart! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I do best

At our condo complex there were 4-5 small pools and then 1 large pool right by the beach. The rules at the pools are very strict. No floats or toy, you couldn't play any noisy games, etc. When you are there without kids, it works out just fine. But with kids, it's hard to not play games and be noisy. The rules were strictly enforced at the large pool, so we learned our lesson and went to the small pools. Our condo had 2 floats and we would float around on them.

It was so relaxing and fun. One day everyone went back to eat lunch and I stayed at the pool for a little while longer. Since there was no one in the pool, I got my nook, and layed on the float and just read my book in the middle of the pool. It was awesome!!!!

Levi started a challenge to see who could swim down and back across the pool without taking a break. Levi and I were the only ones who could do it!

BJ's Pizza and Heather's Birthday

On Monday we went to the other side of the island to shop around and eat dinner at BJ's pizza. They have the best bbq chicken pizza and cookie pazookies. 

Before dinner we took pictures by the water.

Yummy pizza dinner. The boys were scarfing the food down. This is a family favorite, and we go here every year. 
 Brad loving the Pazookie! 
 Singing Happy Birthday to Heather! 

There is tree in the park across the street that takes up a whole block. 

Brad, Levi, and Bob

 Levi, Ty, Abby, Coy and Heather