Saturday, June 25, 2011


When I first got married I didn't want to have kids right away (at least not a honeymoon baby like I was.)  But after a few months of marriage, we realized we wanted to start our family. But as most of you know, we have been married over 2 years and still no baby.

It's hard to admit there are problems. I finally got the courage to see a specialist where we did all of the fun tests. Let's be honest that was a long month. We weren't making progress on our own, so we knew going to the doctor was the next step. Even though having a baby definitely hasn't been following my time line, working with the doctors has gone smoothly and quickly. We did all of our testing in April, in May we found out the results, and in June we hopefully fixed (or will fix) those problems.

Long story short, I had a fallopian tube that was acting like a water balloon. This water balloon wasn't a very nice one because it was holding infectious water. And this water was slipping into my uterus and not allowing us to get prego.

I was scheduled for a laparoscopy, where the doctor would remove my tube. He said most of the time the tube is so damaged they can't fix it and just remove it. But I would hopefully be able to get pregnant through the other side. When he mentioned possible endometriosis and scarring on the other tube, I got really nervous. Would I end up having any tubes that work?  But he wouldn't know any of these things until the surgery.

Miracle #1
Surgery date was Wednesday. On Tuesday the hospital called saying my insurance hadn't accepted the surgery and I shouldn't come in, or I would have to pay for it. I called the doctor's office and they said they were working on it, and were just waiting for a confirmation fax. So I stop eating Tuesday night like I am supposed to. Wednesday I wake up of course nervous and a little stressed. Bob had to work and my Mom was going to pick me up at 10:30. I had to be at the hospital at 11:15. I was about to jump in the shower when the hospital calls again and says the same thing as the night before, no insurance coverage. And the lady says I'll need to reschedule my surgery. By this point I am crying, way too emotional, hungry, and nervous.I call the doctor again and they said they'll figure it out. My surgery gets postponed until 1:00 so they can get the insurance mess figured out. At 12:30 when my doctor's office called to tell me the surgery had been accepted and I could go through with the surgery, I was so grateful I was seriously so nervous, and tired of waiting.

Miracle #2
I woke up from surgery and my body hurt so bad, all I could think was take me back in and remove it all. But after a few pain killers and being coherent for a few minutes, I was happy to hear what my mom had to say. The doctor went in to remove the tube and found a band had closed around part of it. Once he removed the band, the tube was in good enough shape that it could be saved. He said that this rarely ever happens. The band/water balloon was caused by endometriosis. It's level 2, which isn't too bad. I was really surprised when the doctor said that was the cause because I've never had symptoms. But overall we are very happy that I have 2 tubes, because going into surgery we thought for sure that one would be removed.

And now we are patiently waiting for Miracle #3. We are so grateful for how well things have gone. And know that we are being watched over and blessed.

I wouldn't have been able to get through this week without my family. My Mom drove back and forth until we had the right time for the surgery and then took care of me for the next 24 hours, while Bob worked. Bob has been awesome to make me meals and let me watch shows that I want to watch. He is constantly asking me what I need. He also woke up extra early today to pick up my bountiful basket. I've received phone calls and texts from family and that has meant a lot. It's so nice to have my sister next door, knowing I can call on her if I need anything.

Farewell Recovery Room

Last week I went on a much needed vacation to Lake Powell. It was a quick trip and unlike any other- but definitely a good time. Bob wasn't able to go because he had to work at Costco for his internship. I went down with my parents, sister Ayrika, and her friend Sam.

This was actually a dream trip for my sister Ayrika and her friend Sam. My Dad had decided to invite the priests to Lake Powell for their "priest trip" during our week on Lake Powell. The reason we were ok with this was my Dad was planning on buying a new houseboat, and we would be able to go again this summer.  So along with my family, there were 10 priests and 2 leaders.

Those boys were spoiled!!! We had our houseboat and then another houseboat that one of the young mens leaders had. There were 2 ski boats, 5 tubes, and enough wake boards for everyone. All day everyday at least one of the boats was out pulling the kids on the tubes. My mom had a killer menu and the boys barely did a thing. The kitchen in the houseboat is small so it was easier for my Mom and I to clean up then have 5 boys stand around and ask questions.

When I wasn't helping my mom in the kitchen, I spent my time reading and laying out. I did get in a few good wakeboarding sessions early in the morning, in COLD water too. I'm looking forward to warmer water later in the summer.

After 3 failed attempts at buying a houseboat this spring, we thought it would never happen. But my Dad finally found one, and everything worked out in the end. While we were there, my Dad took us on a tour of the new boat. Our old boat was made in the 70's and this new boat was made in the late 90's. So no, it's not some glamorous, new, hi-tech boat, but it is a HUGE improvement from our last one. I'll have to post all about it after we take a trip on the new boat.

On the last day we cleaned the boat for the last time. Even though that boat had major problems, something was always broken, and it was old and a little junky, we loved that boat. We have had that houseboat for the last 20 years and it's like a 2nd home. I got a little teary as we drove away. I guess it's all about the memories.

Farewell Recovery Room! Mom was definitely smiling as she was waving goodbye.

Working with my Mom

A couple weeks ago my Mom called to see if I would like to go to the Lindon cannery with her to can salsa. My Mom can get obsessed with food storage at times. When you go and can, you can buy 6 cases afterward. If I went with my Mom she could buy 12. So I decided to go along with her, to help her out.

I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. In my mind I am seeing a kitchen with a big island, and a bunch of relief society ladies standing around making salsa. BOY was I wrong. It's basically a factory mas producing salsa. Which it should be, I just had no idea. There is an assortment of jobs that you can be assigned. When we walked in, I was a little confused so I was just staring at all of the boiling pots and pipes that carried the salsa. This older gentleman asks me if I have a good back (I was one of 2 under 50, and the other was my Mom...) and I said sure.

He brings me to a huge metal tub and in it was this nasty salsa water. At one point it had been hot water, but by the time I took over it was half water, half salsa. Along with the tub I was gifted 14 rags. The lady who I was replacing, trained me. She said, "Oh you'll be working hard." I would rinse 7 rags, take them to the ladies at the table, wipe up their salsa mess and give them a new rag. I'd take the dirty rags, rinse them in my salsa water and repeat. Basically I did that every 3 minutes for 2.5 hours. Yes, I timed myself as I did it. During my shift they replaced my water, but it was burning hot and it hurt my hands to wring the towels. My Mom felt so bad as all she did was put clean jars on the table for the other ladies to fill.

I'm glad my Mom got her salsa, because I don't know if I can go back anytime soon. If you go to the cannery anytime soon and they ask if you have a good back, say No. Maybe they will let you put the stickers on the bottles of salsa instead. I left with a few blisters, a new appreciation for my job, and a case of salsa that maybe I will eat in a month or two.

summer lovin

It's almost July and my summer is just beginning. I have been pretty busy since school ended for the summer. Some of my time has been spent doing enjoyable things and others, not so enjoyable. More on that in future posts.  Here are a few of my favorite things so far this summer.

For our anniversary Bob gave me a Nook. I picked out the newest Nook, that is just an e reader. No internet, no games, just books and I love it. I took it to Lake Powell and it was so nice not to have a million books in my bag. (I did take a few library books though, I couldn't resist.)

I have become obsessed with smart water - water bottles. I don't notice anything about the water, but the water bottle is a favorite of mine. I love having a cap and I used my first one for 2 months before I broke the top off at school. It's nice to have at the gym because the cap doesn't come off completely but is easy to take on and off. (For some reason I couldn't find a picture of my favorite bottle, but you get the idea.)
Our computer specialist at my school just released her first book. I finished reading Possession while I was at Lake Powell and loved it. I can't wait until her next book comes out, even though it's not until next summer. Elana is awesome so if you get the chance, read her book.

I am still trying to eat healthy- well most of time time. And these cookies make me think I am being healthy but still eating a treat. *If these aren't good for me, please don't tell. I am fine with thinking they are healthy.

Last, but not least I love TV, DVD's, and Netflix. I have spent the past 4 days on the couch or in bed and they have kept me distracted. (Along with a few pain pills.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I still love food...

I've mentioned Our Best Bites a million times, but this has to be my favorite of their recipes. My sister Andrea made it and put it in a salad with mango and it was delish. Tonight I made it with chicken tenders and Bob said it was his new favorite meal. I think he ate 7 or 8.... haha.

Introducing: Spicy Honey Chicken

And as a side I made these pioneer woman potatoes.  Thank you bountiful baskets for giving me a big bag of golden potatoes. 

I wish that I could say I made some wonderful dessert tonight, but no. I have eaten so much sugar and chocolate lately that I had to have a no sugar day. It honestly has been hard not to eat a treat. I have been eating really healthy the past 6 months, but within reason. I would always allow myself to have treats, but the last few weeks I have been eating treats all of the time. I guess it's time to get back on track.

Bob's Birthday

Last Tuesday was Bob's 25th birthday. Bob got to spend the whole day at Costco filling prescriptions. While he was away, I cooked and cleaned the day away. I took on the challenge of making my first "themed cake." I debated using fondant, but since I have never used it I decided against it. After I frosted the cake, it looked horrible, and I wasn't too thrilled. But when I realized I could use the coconut to hide my errors, I was happy again.

I cook for Andrea and Brent on Tuesdays, and usually try to make something nice. I also try to take into consideration what people like to eat, and make it healthy. (For Andrea and myself....) But since it was Bob's birthday, I was making whatever he wanted. When I asked him what he would like, he said he wanted pigs in a blanket and creamed peas. It was such an easy meal to make. Brent loved it too, Andrea and I had chicken.

 The theme of Bob's birthday ended up being golf. He got some new golf shoes and golf balls, and a few games that he had been wanting.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bob!

 Bob's 23rd Birthday, a week after we got married. (He looks sooo skinny in this picture.)
 Bob's 24th birthday, homemade Oreo cheesecake!
Bob's 25th birthday! I made a golf cake. When Bob walked in from work I was so excited to see his reaction.

I love to look at previous years pictures. It seems like we just celebrated his birthday. Today Bob had to work, so I spent the day getting ready for the celebration. Bob is such an amazing guy. He works so hard and never complains. Bob also is very easy to please. *More about that in my next post. I just wanted to give a little shout out, and say Happy Birthday Babe!