Wednesday, July 22, 2015

9 months

This month you have had a lot of fun changes!

You got your first two teeth. Your bottom right came in first and then the left came in about a week later. The first tooth came in smoothly but the second was a little bit harder on you. You had quite the runny nose and you needed a few extra cuddles. Nursing 5 times a night was also a hint for Mom that your gums were bugging you.

Whenever you sit in your highchair and sometimes when you are sitting playing, you will cross your feet. It is so cute to see you with one foot atop the other.

Finger foods are your new favorite and baby food is on it's way out. I try to feed her some everyday and she would much rather eat what everyone else is eating. You have been eating: grapes, melon, raspberries, toast, crackers, cucumbers, bell peppers, peaches, string cheese, and chicken. You also had a few tastes of ice cream.

I now have to vacuum the living room floor almost daily and have gone through all of Olivia's toys to keep you from eating everything. You are close to crawling, but haven't quite got the skills down. You will rock on all fours, scoot yourself backwards and roll across the living room. Just today you brought yourself from laying down back into sitting position for the first time.

Because you still wake up twice each night to nurse (usually 1 & 4:30) Mom still has you sleeping in the bassinet. You will probably be moved to the crib in the next week since you can sit up on your own, and the bassinet isn't too deep. I'm hoping that at her 9 month appointment they will say it's ok to stop the night time feedings.

Naps are pretty regular. You usually are ready to go back down about an hour after waking up and it is usually a short nap. And then around 1, you will take another nap that is around 2 hours. When I put you in your bed, I put a muslin swaddle blanket on the side of your face and if you are tired you go right to bed. If you aren't tired you will play for a few minutes before falling asleep.

Your favorite toys are the stacking rings, baby dolls, Olivia's princesses, and any shoe she can get her hands on. Everything still goes straight into this girls mouth so we have to watch her carefully.

You and Olivia adore each other equally. You both light up when you see each other in the mornings or after nap times. It's hard for Olivia to stay quiet and when she hears Ruby crying she runs to say hello.

Wearing size 3 diapers now and anywhere from 3-6 - 6-12.