Wednesday, March 19, 2014

8 Weeks

This month I have been hit with nausea way more than with Olivia. I don't throw up like I did with her, but I feel sick almost all day long. It's always crazy to go from eating a "clean diet" to eating whatever makes you feel better. I am hoping to get back to eating better as soon as I feel better. I am also super tired. We had our first appointment this week and are excited to have a due date of October 28th. I was sent for an ultrasound a few days later and we got to see our little baby moving around and with a strong heartbeat. We are so excited for this little miracle to be a part of our family.

Friday, March 14, 2014

16 Months

 {smiles for the camera are hard to get these days}

You are now climbing on everything. If it is 1 inch of 10 inches off the ground, you are going to get yourself on top of that item. Some of your favorite things to climb on are the buckets from your toy organizer, the couch, and your walker. You can now get into your walker on your own, but can't get out. (You don't actually use the walker, we just haven't moved it to storage so it is in the living room.)

Your vocabulary has picked up this last month and it is so fun to hear you mimic what Mom and Dad say. Words that you repeat over and over are: shoes, dog, puppy, sick, nose, eyes and baby. Music class must have worn off on you because all day long you say e i e i o! You finally started saying mama more often, but it's not too frequent yet. When Mom tells you that something is hot, you start blowing.

The weather has been so nice this month and we have had many adventures at the park. We started out at the baby swings which you loved, but now you are moving on to bigger and better. You enjoy going down the short slides and climbing to the top of the playground. You started out climbing on your hands and knees and grasping the small holes in the stairs. Lately you have been trying to walk up the stairs with your hands on the rails. Usually between your two naps you will take a ride in the stroller to the park by the White church and play.

This month you traveled by plane (your second plane ride) to Washington to see all of the Barber family. You finally got to meet Uncle Brad who just returned from his mission in Bulgaria. While you were there you had a fun time playing with your cousins, eating lots of treats from Grandma's cupboard, and going up and down the stairs. While we were there you decided to start hating high chairs at restaurants.

Unfortunately you got sick this month with a really bad cough. The doctor said it sounded just like RSV, but luckily you didn't have it. You were super grumpy for a week straight. We spent a lot of time in the bathroom with a steamy shower running trying to get you to feel better.

When you are playing with your toys, you usually have your baby or stuffed animals in one hand and a bottle in the other. You are such a good Mom to your little babies and they are always hungry for a bottle of milk or juice. Just recently you started stacking your blocks. You love to push them over and squeal when they fall.

For breakfast you enjoy milk, bananas, cereal, and oatmeal, sometimes if you are lucky Mom will turn on a show while you eat. You enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or anything on Baby TV. For lunch and dinner it you usually eat whatever Mom and Dad are having.

You are still wearing 12-18 month clothes. You wore an 18 month outfit the other day and you were swimming in it. The capris looked like pants and the shirt looked like a dress. Your feet are still size 2-3, and Mom is sure you will be in size 3 diapers forever.

{climbing in her pants that are too big}

Your top right molar may have appeared last month and mom never knew, but you now have 3/4 molars. The top left one is the last one to come in. Your bottom lateral incisors haven't come in yet, but it looks like the right one is about to make its way through. Mom can't wait for your teeth to all be in.

You are a dancing queen, anytime you hear music come on you start bouncing your little bum up and down. And you are always looking around to see if anyone is watching you.

It is time for your first haircut. Your hair is getting longer, but it is all different lengths and your mullet is getting out of control. Hopefully we can schedule a haircut sometime soon!

{mullet baby}

Naps are still happening twice a day. You nap from 10:30 - 12:30 and 2:00 - 4:00. Sometimes a little shorter depending on the day. And then you usually sleep from 8 - 8 each night.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

4 Generation Pictures

Before we left for church, and for home we took a few pictures. It is neat to have a picture of Olivia with Bob, his Dad, and Grandma.

Lowell, Shannon, Grandma Barber, Bob, Olivia, Alyse

Family picture, including Olivia's belly!

Olivia with Grandma and Grandpa

Friday, March 7, 2014

Out to lunch

We went out to lunch with all of Bob's family. We went to a new pizza place that we all enjoyed. We went during the lunch rush, so it took a while for our large group to get our food. I ran out of things to keep Olivia busy/occupied and she went crazy. She was crying and didn't want to be in her chair. I was so grateful for all of the family members that helped take a turn walking around and playing with her.

{before the tantrums}

{yea for having someone to take a picture of us}


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Playing with baby Brody

We were lucky to plan our trip around the same time as Bob's brother's family. David, Kelsey, and Brody were also staying with Bob's parents that week. Even though Brody is only 8 months, he and Olivia got along great. They spent mornings playing on the floor together, took walks down to the park and went on the swings together, and took lots of baths together. We miss cute baby Brody.

{baby love}

{bath time}

{matching byu jammies}

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Plane ride to Pasco

We left our house around 7:45 and made it to the airport at 9 after dropping our car off at the park and ride. We had 2 hours until our flight so went off in search of breakfast. I was happy to find a breakfast sandwich made with a whole wheat english muffin and turkey bacon. Bob and Olivia settled on McDonalds. (I really wanted steel cut oats from Jamba Juice, but they were $7.50, who pays that much for oatmeal???) Olivia was a hungry girl and ate 2 of her 3 pancakes. It was funny to see all of the people eating Cafe Rio for breakfast.

We still had an hour and a half to wait after breakfast. We took turns walking around with Olivia. On my turn she walked up and down the isles of people waiting. She would walk over to random people and say HEY, as loud as she could. Most everyone talked to her for a minute before I got her moving again. If they had food or a drink, she tried her hardest to get it.

We bought her a little coloring book with the magic marker that turns the pages different colors. Ya, she was interested in that for 5 seconds. But don't worry over the week most everyone took a turn coloring a page or two.

The flight there was busy, we were pulling everything out of the diaper bag to keep her happy. She loved playing a few games on the iPad, eating fruit snacks, and ripping the pages out of the airplane magazine. Usually the short flight is relaxing. I don't know if I will ever be able to say that again.

Arrival in Pasco

It is so fun to fly when we go home to see Bob's family. Bob's whole family tries to make it to the airport for the arrival. I knew that I wanted to announce our pregnancy at the airport. I made a shirt for Olivia that said Big Sister. I made her wear a jacket that morning and on the flight so it wouldn't get dirty.

When we got off the plane in Pasco we set Olivia down and let her walk ahead of us. We were only there for a couple seconds before my sister in law Heather asked if her shirt was an announcement. After that everyone read her shirt and congratulated us on the pregnancy. I was so happy that Shannon took these pictures for us.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Announcing to my Family

When I was a little over 6 weeks along we were going to visit Bob's family for a week. I knew that we wouldn't be able to keep the pregnancy from them, so we decided to tell my family before we left.

On Sunday we went over for Sunday dinner but I didn't realize that all of my Mom's family was going to be there. So we had to wait until everyone had left. I took a few pictures of Olivia reading some books and printed them off.

I gave the envelope to my Mom and had her look at them. She looked at most of the pictures before she looked up at said, "Really?" She was so excited.

My Dad was at meetings all night and when he finally got home I had him look at them too. He kept asking why is she reading all of these baby books. He looked at all of the pictures and then looked up with tears in his eyes. He was thrilled with the news.

All of my siblings were excited, except for Ayrika. She was a mix of happy and sad. Being on a mission she has already missed Jensen's birth and is sad to miss the newborn stage of this baby. When she gets home Jensen will be almost 18 months (born right after she left) and this baby will be 6 months.