Thursday, November 28, 2013


We enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner this year at my parent's house in Spanish Fork with the Andrus family. That morning I woke up early, (setting my alarm for the first time in months) and started on my pies. I made a banana cream and chocolate pecan. I was super excited for both pies. I used Bob's family recipe for the banana cream and the pecan recipe came from a cooking magazine. As I made them both, my hope for the banana cream fell when Bob told me the filling tasted like marshmallow. I could only hope that the pecan could win the contest.

(So hard to get a good picture these days...)

I was also in charge of veggies for the dinner. I made 2 batches of baked corn in our oven. Then I went downstairs and used my grandma's oven to bake a green bean casserole. I bought the extra large can of green beans from Costco and use the whole thing. Grandma and Grandpa Hales were going to join us, but Grandma ended up not feeling well so they stayed home.

We had around 10 pies for the annual pie contest. Before the judges begin, everyone has to "plate" a piece of pie. When I cut into the chocolate pecan, it totally fell apart and I told my brother that it wouldn't win. When they announced the winners, I was pleased to hear that the banana cream had won 2nd place. My Mom's Chocolate/Eggnog had won 1st place. Over the next week, I ate a piece of the chocolate pecan each day. It just needed a day to chill in the fridge and then it was wonderful. Bob finished off the banana cream for breakfast the next couple days.
 Before and after of my pies

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Party

Grandma and Grandpa Hales, Andrea, Brent, and baby Jensen came over to celebrate Olivia's birthday. We missed Ayrika, who had a good excuse (mission), and Dan who didn't have that great of an excuse (intramural game.)

We took a few pictures and then opened presents. Olivia was spoiled with lots of gifts from everyone.

She was still grumpy from her ear infection but the meds had kicked in enough that she had a few smiles.

We brought out the cake and she went to town.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! 

My Baby is 1

Happy Birthday Olivia Faye! 

Olivia at 1 year:
Weight - 16 pounds 15 ounces, 10% (This is her exact same weight as her 9 month appointment.)
Height - 28.25 inches, 17%
Head - 18 Inches, 71%

Olivia is getting so smart, when I ask her to come over so I can change her diaper she will look at me, laugh and then crawl away. She loves to say hi to people and will wave and say "Hey." She also loves to wave when it is time to go. Her favorite word is DaDa. And she says it all of the time. It melts my heart when she is looking at Bob when she says it. She says MaMa occasionally but it is usually when she is super tired or sad. She also says Uh Oh and Boo.

She is still obsessed with books, she loves reading. We try to go to the library at least once a week and get new books. Right before we moved we checked out a few books from the Orem library. One of them was called Happy Birthday Pookie. After returning them, I got a call that the book had been returned chewed on and I had to buy it.  - Orem library's slogan for board books, "You bite it, you buy it."

I knew it was Olivia's bite, because she is still a Vampire with only 4 teeth. The teeth marks were spaced perfectly to show that she is missing her 2 front teeth.

Olivia made the transition to her new room and our new house really well. I was worried about her sleeping at night and for the first week slept through the night. Since she has had her ear infection, it is another story. She is up crying usually 2-3 times per night. She will cry for 20- 30 minutes. We have been spoiled with a great sleeper and not cranky baby. So the last week has been hard on me.

She doesn't seem too interested in walking on her own right now. She is great at walking along furniture or when holding our hands. Grandpa Hales likes to hold onto a pen and have her hold the other end while walking together. She loves to zoom across the living room and kitchen behind her walker. The other day she was pushing our kitchen bench around while I was making dinner.

Occasionally Olivia will crawl with both feet flat on the floor and her bum high up in the air.

Just this week her hand finally found it's way into the toilet bowl. She is curious about everything.

She loves to throw things, toys, food, binky, cup... you name it, she throws it.

She is just about weaned, with only nursing once at night before bed. She drinks milk from her sippy cup and eats just about everything. She loves to eat what we have on our plates.

I can't believe that it has been a year. Time goes by so quick, and I cherish everyday with her!