Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful day spending time with family. Every Sunday we are lucky to have a home cooked meal made by my Mom. Today, everyone did their part and we put together a feast for Mother's day. My Mom couldn't stay out of the kitchen and had to contribute something. We limited her to steaming the broccoli. I am so grateful for my Mom and the example that she is to me. I hope that one day I can be a mother like her. 

A lot of people have asked after everything that we did, how were we able to get pregnant. With some of my posts at the end of last year, I led you to believe that we were going to move onto IVF. And that was the plan. We left the meeting with the doctor knowing that was our next step. I was ready to spend our savings on getting our baby right then and there. My sweet husband told me a few days later he didn't feel good about it. I was crushed, I had my heart set on a baby and we had been told IVF was our only option. Bob mentioned a miracle baby or maybe going with adoption. So after a few days, I realized I would be ok with starting the adoption process. I told Bob I was going to get the information and we could start working on the paper work. And once again, he told me he didn't feel good about it. I felt as though I was left with no options. He sweetly kept telling me that we would have a miracle. I couldn't accept that a miracle would happen when we had worked so hard for the last 2 years with the doctor in trying to get our miracle. 

I like knowing what the next step is, and being able to work towards it. This was right around Christmas and the first of January. I knew that if we both didn't feel good about our next step, we wouldn't be able to go forward with anything. I told myself I was going to get healthy, get back into my exercise routine, and give up white flour and sugar and all processed foods. (This would be my next step and distraction, until Bob came around to IVF or adoption :) 

After day 28 of my cycle I always take a pregnancy test. If I don't, I start playing mind games. Why am I late? Am I pregnant? And so forth. So on Friday, March 2nd - I was 29 days. I took the test and waited out the time like the last 100 times. But this time, I saw something I had never seen. There was a 2nd line. I panicked, freaked out, started crying, and broke open another test. (I have an unlimited supply.)  While the second test was in process, I ran into the bedroom crying and jumped on the bed to wake Bob up. He was in a panic until he was awake enough to realize what I was saying. What a special morning it was for us. Here was our miracle!!! I am so grateful for my husband who listened to the Spirit and was inspired for us to just wait. I'm sorry to say I was so obsessed and I'd say self absorbed in my trial, that I didn't take the time to listen. 

On my lunch break I ran to the Fertility Center to get my blood drawn. And for the first time ever the sweet lady called me with good news to let me know that I was in fact pregnant. They scheduled me for my first ultrasound a few weeks later. Because we had been working with them for the last year and were figuring out IVF, they let me come back for ultrasounds until week 10, when I was released to my OB. I love everyone who works at the Utah Fertility Center. They were so kind, loving, and I knew that they cared about me and my family. It was a bitter- sweet day when I left after my final appointment with Dr. Foulk. 

Today was a special day in the fact that I could reflect on my journey to becoming a mother. Baby Barber isn't here yet, but I worry about our little baby everyday. I pray for our baby's health and strength and can't wait to see this baby in a few months. 

And here's a glimpse of our little baby tot waving hello to the world. (This is from our last appointment with Dr. Foulk @ 10 weeks, and our baby was moving like crazy.) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sewing & quilting kick

Even before finding out I was pregnant, I have been on a baby kick. For the last two years, I have obsessed over the things I would do for our future children. I have bought enough fabric to decorate a million onesies. Earlier in the school year one of my good friends Karie found out she was pregnant. I have loved seeing her belly grow, and for all of her baby updates. Last week we had her baby shower at lunch. It was low key, in the faculty room and at lunch, but it was so much fun. I am sad I didn't take 1 picture, I was too busy eating the food and loving all of her cute gifts to do anything else. I was really excited to give her the gifts that I had made. Obviously I am obsessed with making onesies so I made a few of those. I don't know what it is about them, but it is one of my favorite things to do. A few months ago I found this gem on Karie's pinterest.

I loved the idea, but I am NO PRO when it comes to computers. But I do know how to stitch. So I printed off the information (all but the day of the birth) and took it to my Mom's. My mom is actually the professional stitcher of the family. She helped me piece it together and trace the writing. I'm fairly certain I will be able to do it on my own next time. But being as how important this gift was, I wanted it to be perfect, thus I had my Mom trace it.

I spent the new few days stitching, I forgot how time consuming stitching words is. But all of the time was totally worth the outcome. I am still awaiting the birth of baby Stockton, so the date is missing, and I have yet to get a frame to put it in. So just pretend it's finished!

Our house has horrible lighting, and I am no photographer. I apologize for the poor quality. But I hope you get the idea. I can't wait to make one for my future babe.

On to my next project. Another good friend at school is our librarian Keely. I just love her. She is so easy to talk to and always willing to help me out. Every few months she will bring in another beautiful quilt that she has completed. I've told her a million times that I wanted to start one, but was too nervous. I can hardly sew. I do have a sewing machine and I've tried a few things, but usually my friend Amber has to thread my bobbin. SOOOO embarrassing. Well a couple weeks ago Keely brought all of her quilt patterns to school and let me look through them. She showed me her basic quilts that she had made for her kids. I picked the easiest one and was on my way.

After my doctor appointment the next Monday I stopped at the Corn Wagon in Springville. (In my mind I always call it the CornCob, I think it's a better name... haha.) Let's be honest, I have little fashion/matching sense. I found a charm pack that I loved (according to my directions from Keely), but had no idea what would match as the border. Finally after searching around the store and comparing, I asked the lady cutting fabric if she had any ideas. No more searching for me, I'm all about asking for help. She found the best fabrics for me to choose from. I ended up buying the charm pack and green border. For the 2nd border I'd come back when they had the same fabric from the charm pack in bulk.

I went home and pieced it together. Within 2 days I was finished sewing all of the pieces and border together. I wasn't feeling a drive to Springville so I went to American Quilts (or something like that) on 800 North in Orem. I'll admit I was a little more confident this time. I had my pieced top, and I started looking at materials. I found one I loved, but questioned if it was too busy or if it really even matched. So I found a lady, I know how helpful they are and asked her. When she saw my quilt she asked where I got the charm pack. She told me they had just got theirs in, and all of the employees loved it so much, they didn't think they would be able to put any out in the store. That made my day. I do have good taste!

While I was there I  found a cute kit for a baby boy quilt. It came with everything, so I decided to go with it. Obviously we don't know what we are having, so I need to be prepared for boy or girl. I bought the kit and that weekend, finished both the boy and girl quilt tops. The boy kit came with a blue minky fabric to go on the back. I want to do the same thing with the girl. Who knows where to find good minky that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

So after I just wrote the novel about my first quilting experience, here they are, in their glory. These are my first, so there are a lot of problems. Let's just say Ric Rac is NOT my friend. But I'll get better next time.

Again, sorry for the poor lighting, and horrible pictures. I promise I'll have better pictures when I post the final project. Anyone know someone who does quilting? I'm hoping to have them do the binding also, that scares me.