Monday, June 17, 2013


On Saturday, June 8th Bob graduated from Roseman University with his Pharm D degree and his MBA. I am so proud of all the hard work he has put in the past 3 years. He has been working hard and studying non-stop. Because he decided to get his MBA, he went to school in the summers when he was  on a break from his Pharmacy classes.

Bob's parents came down for the weekend to celebrate. That morning we went to Little America for breakfast. We always eat really good food when the Barber's are in town. We stuffed ourselves and then made our way to City Creek for a little while before Bob needed to check in.

Graduation was held at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. We found a seat on the end so I could get up with Olivia if needed. Oh don't you worry, it was needed all right. My Dad met us there, Mom was sick. Olivia fell asleep about 10 minutes before graduation started and then she woke up about 5 minutes after it started. From then on she was pretty fussy and didn't want to sit on anyone's lap.

Bob walked twice, once for each degree. There were about 100 Pharmacy students and 14 of them got their MBA degrees too. It was neat to see him "hooded" and then for his class to recite the Pharmacy Oath.

After we took some pictures and then said goodbye to Bob's parents. 

Olivia was super grumpy at this point and I was sweating to death, so Bob turned in his robes and we left to go to lunch with my Dad.

Happy Father's Day

It was so fun to celebrate Father's day yesterday, especially since it was Bob's first one. 

Bob is an awesome Dad. Olivia lights up when she sees him or hears him. She is easily distracted when Dad is in the room. 

He loves to play with her and make her giggle.

Olivia likes to hang out with Dad while he is golfing. 

Bob is always willing to change a diaper or help feed her. 

I am so glad that I get to experience parenthood with Bob by my side. He is an amazing husband and father! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Roof

On Friday night we went out to dinner with Bob's parents to celebrate Bob's 27th birthday and his graduation. We were spoiled and ate dinner at the Roof. The last time we ate at the Roof was after Conference before we got married in 2009.

After dinner we walked around Temple Square. I sat Olivia near the flower bed to take some pictures and a tour group walked by and one of the ladies stopped to ask if she could take a picture of her too. (This picture kills me- look at those arm rolls!)

La Caille - Graduation Dinner

For Bob's graduation dinner we went to La Caille. It was a fun evening with Bob's friends from school. It was also fun for me to get dressed up. It was fun to see what people wore to the dinner. On the invitation it said the dress attire was semi-formal. There was everything from formal dresses down to jeans.

La Caille was beautiful and it was a fun experience to eat there. The weather was perfect minus the big fan next to our table which made me a little chilly during the long (and boring) speeches.

We each got a small piece of bread from the bread basket, and when we asked for more, they said they would see if they had any. The salad was delicious, all 5 bites of it... I felt like I was being teased because I really wanted more. The entree was ok, and the dessert was really good. The boys joked around that some had stopped before coming to eat, and others would get something on the way home so they would be full.


Last week my sister Ayrika opened her mission call. She will be serving in the Indianapolis, Indiana mission, and will be leaving at the end of September. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of her opening her call because we were at Bob's graduation dinner that night.

We were able to go to the temple last night with Ayrika. What a special night it was for my family, as we were all in the temple together. I am so excited for Ayrika and her chance to serve the people of Indiana.

Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Months

Our last month has been super busy and a lot of fun.

- This month you finally graduated from size 2 and moved up to size 3 diapers.
- You also wear mostly 6 - 9 month clothes. Some of your 6 month pants/shorts have elastics that are a little tight on your chunky thighs. But your 9 month pajamas are still too big!
- You have lots of swimming suits and wear one almost everyday. You are turning into a water baby.
- Bath time has gotten a lot more fun for you and you have started crying when I take you out.
- You have been choking down your vegetables, you are not a huge fan. You have had corn, squash, carrots, green beans, and your favorite sweet potatoes.
- Ayrika let you try some watermelon, which you loved sucking on.
- You love playing with clean laundry when Mom is folding it on the bed, and sometimes you put the clothes on.
- Your little fingers are getting so good at grabbing things, especially your binky. If you see it somewhere close, you grab it and put it in your mouth.
- The mirror on your swing makes you giggle. You love to lay there and look at yourself. You have to be strapped in now because you are getting big and turn from side to side to see what is going on.
- You are really good at sitting up and the only time you fall is when you reach too far forward, and usually are happy to get into that position.
- Mom and Dad are wondering if you will ever get teeth. You are still toothless, and that's ok.
- You have started clapping,

definitely not on demand, but when you are happy!
- When laying down you still rarely move or roll. You put up with tummy time, but when you are tired you just put your head down instead of rolling over.
- This month you went to 3 going away parties. One with Mom's friends and the other two were with family. Everyone was sad to say goodbye to you. (But after the parties, we found out we weren't going to be moving after all.)
- You went shopping with Mom at Target, nothing new, but this time you were big enough to sit up in the cart.
- Hung out at Grandma and Grandpa Hales house while Ayrika opened her mission call to Indianapolis, Indiana.
-  Spent the day in Salt Lake with Grandma  and Grandpa Barber. You went swimming at the Marriott, shopped at City Creek, ate dinner at The Roof, and walked around Temple Square.
- Attended Dad's graduation from Roseman University. You took a short nap, and then were grumpy for the rest of the time. Mom had to walk around with you to keep you quiet.
- Went to the ward party and played with Sadie Pluim and the Johansen boys.
- Started going to Seven Peaks in Provo. You love sitting in the shallow and splashing or riding in your float around the lazy river.
- Went to the ward music class at church and you played with your friends. You loved hearing the songs that everyone sang.
- Tasted Mom's snowcone, you didn't love it.
-  Mom bought you a small inflatable pool for the yard and you enjoyed playing in the water and sucking on the inflatable animals.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A few months ago we got a job offer to work for Walgreens in Pendleton, Oregon. We were very happy to have a job and started making preparations for the move. Mostly for myself it was a lot of self talk... having never lived out of Utah County, I knew this was going to be a big change.

The second week of May, we set off to secure housing and check out the town. I was nervous and excited as we made our way into Pendleton. Knowing this would be my future home I got excited about the cute little main street and new places we would soon visit. We started going down the list of apartments we had found on CraigsList and after 30 minutes of being in town, we found ourselves in car wreck. From that point on, I was upset and was ready to leave and go to Bob's parents house. Luckily before we left Pendleton we found an apartment we liked and it was a month to month contract.

We made a few more trips back to Pendleton that week looking at houses with a realtor and falling in love with one. As we were trying to make arrangements for the house, things weren't working in our favor and it just didn't feel right.

We left having paid our first months rent and deposit on our apartment feeling good knowing we had a place to live.

When we got home I started dejunking and packing up things that we didn't use often. Since we found out we were moving I had been bringing boxes home from work. Olivia's room had turned into a storage room full of boxes with a small pathway to her crib.

2 Weeks before  our moving date, my sister Andrea and her husband were moving to their new home. I told them they could use all of our boxes for their move and then we would get them back and use them for ours.

About 10 days before we were to move, Bob found out about a new job opening in Mapleton at a pharmacy that he had worked at during school. We decided that he should interview. During the interview he had to let them know that he was planning on moving the next weekend so we would need to know one way or another early on. All weekend long I was on pins and needles. We were in a half packed house with no food. (We had been trying to empty our cupboards and fridge for the last month so we wouldn't have to move a lot of food.

Bob interviewed on Thursday and the next Tuesday we found out we got the job. I went out and bought a bunch of groceries and started unpacking boxes. We are excited to stay in Utah, but the decision was a bitter sweet. It would have been a lot of fun living close to Bob's family.

Bob has started doing a little training, and has been busy studying for his boards. We are still waiting on his test dates, and hope that they are soon. If you live near Mapleton, send your prescriptions over to Maple Mountain Pharmacy and come see Bob.

6 Months

- You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes.
- Still wearing size 2 diapers even though Dad thinks you are ready for 3's.
- You love to play "Patty Cake"
- Paper is your new favorite toy, you love to crinkle it up and put it in your mouth.
- You mastered sitting up. You love to sit and play with your toys and will sit for a half hour at a time.
- You don't really move when we put you down, you mostly stay on your blanket. You hardly ever roll.
- This month you had your first taste of food. Mom and Dad fed you some rice cereal at Grandma and -Grandpa Barber's house.
- Stayed overnight in your first hotel.
- Went on your first road trip, we drove to Washington, stopping in Idaho and Oregon on the way.
- Played with your cousins in Washington.
- Played at the park, went in the swing and down the slide.
- Got in your first car wreck, well, you slept through it.
- You love to go to Grandma and Grandpa Hales house and watch their dog.
- Started sitting in high chairs at restaurants.
- Had your pictures taken.
- Went golfing twice with mom and dad.
- Aunt Andrea helped you pet a bunny.
- You are finally sleeping through the night more consistently.

6 Month Stats:
(At 6 months 9 days)
Weight - 15 pounds 3 ounces 31%
Height  -
Head -