Sunday, December 6, 2009

November Recap

November 22nd was our 6 month wedding anniversary, but also the one year anniversary of our first date. We celebrated by going up to Salt Lake for the night. In tradition of our first date a year ago, we went to PF Changs. We had reservations but still ended up waiting 45 minutes or so. There were a ton of people there!
Bob paying for our parking.

This was one of the only good pictures of the two of us.

We can't forget Thanksgiving! We spent the week enjoying time together. On Wednesday we spent hours outside raking up all of the leaves in our yard and picking up a garbage can full of apples that had fallen off the two trees. We ended up with 9 HUGE bags of leaves and a garbage can plus more apples. It was nice to have that done before the snow came.
We went to my parents house that night and hung out with my family, helping them get the house ready for Thanksgiving. That night I made my pie for the 3rd time. My family has a pie making contest every year (for the past 3 years) and no one in my immediate family has ever won. This year I researched pies, and got a no fail crust from one of my coworkers. I also made a spur of the moment second pie, so Bob and I would have two entries.Here is Bob helping put my Mom's pie crust together. My mom planned a pie, but ran out of time so Andrea, Bob, and I made it for her.

On Thanksgiving we had my Mom's side of the family come over and there were a total of 14 pies. My sister's friends came for dinner and they were the judges. Needless to say neither one of my pies made the top 3.

This is the pie I spent so much time perfecting! (Please ignore the ugly whipped cream, that was last minute and not thought out.) This is the French Silk pie, and it a winner from like the 1950 Pillsbury baking contest.

This is my spur of the moment pumpkin cream cheese pie, which was really good, considering I had never made it before.
These are some of the other entries. My cousin Laken made the key lime above and it was one of the winners along with two coconut type pies. There is always next year!

We enjoyed the rest of our break watching New Moon, BYU Basketball, Blindside and BYU vs. Utah football game. Is it time for Christmas break yet?


Mark and JanaRae said...

Fat chance at winning next year! You know Mark and I will be the winners ;) Your pies looked so yummy!

Emily Jones said...

I love the pie contest idea. I'm definitely making my family do that next year. I'm sorry you didn't win but I'm sure they were delicious.

We need to get together soon. Think about a time that's good for you and let's do it! Thanks for helping Christian out with his research project.