Saturday, June 23, 2012

birds and the bees

On the last day of school (yes that was almost a month ago...) I polled my students on my baby's gender. I had already told my class I was pregnant (after the kids kept getting mad at me for eating in front of them ALL OF THE TIME) but since then, they hadn't brought it up.

The kids started out voting for a girl, if they were a girl. And they voted boy, if they were a boy. But then they caught on and some of them changed their votes. They were all excited at first but were disappointed that I wouldn't find out until later in the summer. I promised them I would email them this summer to let them know.

We were getting ready to sign our yearbooks a few minutes later and the class was all sitting quietly in a circle. One of my smartest students raised his hand, and I called on him. He then told me and the class the following:

"Mrs. Barber, it doesn't matter what the class votes, the only thing that matters is the chromosomes your husband puts in you." --- I about died. Shocked, I replied, "Yes, that is true." And was about to move on when he continued to tell the class that "Bob doesn't get to choose which chromosomes either, so it will be a surprise."

So happy that this smarty pants in my class had had "the talk" with his parents, and that for him, it was one he understood on his terms. This kid is a genius, and reads at a high school level.  Also glad that he announced this to the class on the last day of school so I didn't have to answer any future questions from students or parents... haha!

Our big ultrasound is this Wednesday. Bob won't be able to make it, so we went a couple weeks ago to take a peak at our baby. Unfortunately, baby had it's legs crossed and the gender wasn't confirmed 100%. We will let you know later this week!!!

So what do you think? Boy or girl???? Remember, Bob already decided for us. haha!


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Girl. ;) LOL kids are hilarious!

perdue family said...

Girl! I'm feeling the vibe. :) friggin text me lady! I wanna know!!

Mike and Laken Cannon said...

Ha ha! That was so funny. :) My vote is a girl too!

Anderson Family said...

I say Girl!