Monday, March 18, 2013

The 2nd Luck of the Irish 5K

Bob, Olivia, and I ran a 5k on Saturday with the rest of my family. Bob is a good sport and participates even though its not his favorite type of competition.  This 5k was a fundraiser for my school and I bribed my kids to come and challenged them to beat Bob and I. In past races we have ran, I have always beat Bob and I am pretty proud of that since he beats me in almost everything else.

(Also a good side note is that I was never competitive about anything before becoming a Barber.  I was a go with the flow, do my own thing girl. Now I want to win things... For our school competition, the class who has the most students run the race gets a pizza party. Im pretty sure my class won.)

I made Olivia a onesie since they didn't have any race shirts in her size. 

She looks pretty cute in her sunglasses. 

My game plan was run pushing the stroller for the first mile, and then after the first mile I'd leave Bob with Olivia and I'd go ahead. (I had to beat my students.) We started out and we were running around a 10 minute mile pace and Bob said he couldnt go any faster. I encouraged him to stay with me and we averaged about a 9 minute pace. We were going down a long street that had we would run down and then turn around and run back. I knew we were past a mile, but I thought I'd keep Bob running until the turn and then let him have his turn with the stroller. Little did I know, Bob had his own plan in mind. At the turn he just took off. I have no idea where the energy came from. For a little while, I figured I would catch up to him... but I never did.

(When I bribed my kids I told them I would I would give them 100 viking dollars (class dollars) if they beat me and 100 if they beat Bob. And I told them that I was faster than Bob, so they would most likely get 100 for beating him.)

Bob beat me by a couple minutes. (I stopped to talk to my principal so I'll blame part of it on that. And I just had a baby a few months ago...)  Even though he beat me at something I usually beat him at, I was really proud of him. He also came in 2nd out of my family, when usually he is closer to 2nd to last. He rocked this race. He told me later that he felt so good he could run another 5k right then.

Don't you worry, ill be out jogging these next few months getting back in shape so I can beat Bob at our next race.

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