Thursday, November 28, 2013


We enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner this year at my parent's house in Spanish Fork with the Andrus family. That morning I woke up early, (setting my alarm for the first time in months) and started on my pies. I made a banana cream and chocolate pecan. I was super excited for both pies. I used Bob's family recipe for the banana cream and the pecan recipe came from a cooking magazine. As I made them both, my hope for the banana cream fell when Bob told me the filling tasted like marshmallow. I could only hope that the pecan could win the contest.

(So hard to get a good picture these days...)

I was also in charge of veggies for the dinner. I made 2 batches of baked corn in our oven. Then I went downstairs and used my grandma's oven to bake a green bean casserole. I bought the extra large can of green beans from Costco and use the whole thing. Grandma and Grandpa Hales were going to join us, but Grandma ended up not feeling well so they stayed home.

We had around 10 pies for the annual pie contest. Before the judges begin, everyone has to "plate" a piece of pie. When I cut into the chocolate pecan, it totally fell apart and I told my brother that it wouldn't win. When they announced the winners, I was pleased to hear that the banana cream had won 2nd place. My Mom's Chocolate/Eggnog had won 1st place. Over the next week, I ate a piece of the chocolate pecan each day. It just needed a day to chill in the fridge and then it was wonderful. Bob finished off the banana cream for breakfast the next couple days.
 Before and after of my pies

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