Thursday, January 2, 2014

Birthday Gifts

I ordered my birthday gifts from Amazon and have been very pleased with my purchases. Happy Birthday to Me!

I got a Polar Watch that tracks my heart rate and tells me how many calories I burn during each workout. I have loved it, and it motivates me to work out. After only having it for a week, Olivia found it on my desk and was trying to put it on her wrist. She is seriously picking up on so many things.

My new favorite kitchen tool is this guy. It takes veggies and turns them into noodles. So far I have only tried zucchini, but I am sure I will try other types of squash soon.

After hearing lots of great things from a few friends about this cookbook I decided to get it. I have been trying to stay away from sugar and flour, and this will give me some new recipes to try out.

Obviously all of my presents are health related, I guess that is what happens when your birthday is at the end of the year. Here's to a healthy and happy year!

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