Sunday, March 2, 2014

Announcing to my Family

When I was a little over 6 weeks along we were going to visit Bob's family for a week. I knew that we wouldn't be able to keep the pregnancy from them, so we decided to tell my family before we left.

On Sunday we went over for Sunday dinner but I didn't realize that all of my Mom's family was going to be there. So we had to wait until everyone had left. I took a few pictures of Olivia reading some books and printed them off.

I gave the envelope to my Mom and had her look at them. She looked at most of the pictures before she looked up at said, "Really?" She was so excited.

My Dad was at meetings all night and when he finally got home I had him look at them too. He kept asking why is she reading all of these baby books. He looked at all of the pictures and then looked up with tears in his eyes. He was thrilled with the news.

All of my siblings were excited, except for Ayrika. She was a mix of happy and sad. Being on a mission she has already missed Jensen's birth and is sad to miss the newborn stage of this baby. When she gets home Jensen will be almost 18 months (born right after she left) and this baby will be 6 months.

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