Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ruby {2 Months}

Another month has flown by. This month definitely went faster since we are getting pretty regular sleep around here.

Weight - 8lbs. 14 oz.  2%
Height - 23 inches    66%
Head - 14.5 inches    9%

Ruby was super fussy this month usually from 10 - 12 most nights. Bob was amazing and let me go to bed while he held her. But the good news is once she fell asleep, she would sleep for a good stretch of 5-6 hours. The nights we were able to get her to go to bed earlier, she would wake around 3-4 to eat and then again around 7.

She has started to love her swing. She will watch the birds spin and doesn't need the swing to be rocking to be happy.

She has moved out of all of her newborn clothes and is wearing 0-3 months. She also is wearing size 1 diapers. I have loved pulling out Olivia's baby clothes for Ruby. Such fun memories!

Right before she turned 2 months she took her first flight. We flew to Washington to spend Christmas with all of Bob's family. While we were there Ruby was blessed by her Dad. All of Bob's brothers and brother in laws were there along with Grandpa and a few of Bob's friends.

Since all of Bob's siblings went home for Christmas, Ruby got to meet all of her cousins. Ruby was grandchild #15 and #16 will be here in April. We are thrilled that Bob's sister Ashley is having a girl. The next girl cousin is Savannah who is almost 5.

Ruby has started cooing a little bit. She loves to smile and will give you a bunch if you talk to her while you hold her.

She finally started taking a normal binky and we are done with the hospital style binky. But if her binky falls out or she doesn't have it and wants it, she will suck on her fist.

Unfortunately most of this month Ruby has had congestion and a small cough. Bob got a cold and I did my best to keep her away. She got sick, but was better right before our trip to Washington. A couple days before we left I got the cold and then Ruby got it again. Hopefully we all get feeling better soon!

We don't have much of a schedule going during the day, but I am going to start working on that soon. Right now we just go with the flow and nap and eat whenever she wants. It's crazy how different things are with Ruby and Olivia. I feel it's different because I worked with Olivia at this age, and now I am home with Ruby. I also have Olivia's schedule to work around so Ruby just goes with the flow.

And just for fun, a little comparison picture from last month to this month.

And one of Ruby and Olivia, both at 2 months.

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