Friday, May 22, 2015

Ruby Marie {7 Months}

Ruby has been trying lots of new foods and her top favorites are pears and sweet potatoes. I thought for sure she would like peaches, but they were barely tolerated. She gagged on rice, avocado, and butternut squash. One day she ate a whole container of green beans and the next day she was over it. She has been eating 1-2 containers a day. I am hoping that the extra food will show at our next weight check. She loves to chew on the little mum mum rice rusks and eats broken up yogurt puffs like I eat m&m's.

She sits really well and plays with her toys. I remember this being my favorite stage with Olivia because she was content, but couldn't get into trouble. And after being able to roll for a few months, now she does it all of the time. She doesn't travel too much but she will roll back and forth. 

When Ruby gets fussy, she instantly stops when Olivia comes over and talks to her. Olivia is great at saying, "It's okay Ruby, don't cry." "Ruby, we are almost home - you don't need to cry."

This month was better for us in the sleeping department. Most nights she only woke up twice and occasionally once. Her naps are still sporadic during the day. Sometimes one nap, sometimes 3 - 4.

She is currently wearing size 2 diapers, 3-6 month shorts and leggings, and anywhere from 3-12 months tops. I don't put shoes on her too often, but she wears size 1's and they are still a bit big for her. 

During this month she flew to Maui, Hawaii and spent a week with Grandma Shannon and Grandpa Lowell. She did a great job on the plane and on the red eye back she slept the entire time. She wasn't a huge fan of the water and barely got her feet wet.  

She is gibbering and making noises all of the time. She says Da- although she hasn't made the connection of who he is just yet. 

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