Monday, November 16, 2015

Ruby {10 Months}

Ruby girl is growing too fast and learning so many new things. This was such a fun month. Her main nickname is Roo Roo. She is a mamas girl and wants to be by my side or held all day. She also likes her Dad which makes is nice at the end of the day.

She crawls everywhere and is fast. I love when she sees me while crawling and she gets a huge grin and crawls as fast as she can to get to me. Along with crawling comes finding anything and everything on the floor and trying to eat it. I have been trying to be better about sweeping after each meal and vacuuming daily.

She finally figured out pulling herself up, and grabs on to the couches, entertainment center, chairs, Olivia's bed, and anything else close to her height. She stands really well, and then when she gets tired she cries until someone helps her sit down.

Usually Ruby will wake up before Olivia and when Olivia comes out of her room, Ruby's face lights up. She loves being with Olivia. They play well together for the most part. I usually find them sitting next to each other playing with the princess castle.

After Ruby's 9 month appointment I decided to dive into sleep training. I had been worried about stopping night time feedings because she has been so small. The doctor told me that she would make up for the calories lost during the day - and that I should go right ahead and wean her at night. We got the pack n play from my parents house and took down the bassinet. Olivia sleeps so well, I didn't want her to be waking up from Ruby sleeping in her crib and crying all night. The first couple nights were rough and she cried for 2 hours with me giving her her pinky about every 10 minutes. The next night was only an hour and a half. And then after that she did pretty well. She still wakes up and cries a couple times a night but its for less than a minute and she puts herself back to sleep. I run in the mornings at 6, so sometimes I will feed her right before I leave if she is stirring.

When she goes down for naps, she likes to be laid on her side and with her blanket over her face. She usually naps in the morning about 1.5-2 hours after waking up. This nap only lasts 30 minutes - an hour. Then she goes down at 1 and I'm lucky if it lasts an hour, sometimes a little longer. It's so crazy how different your children can be. Olivia napped 2, two hour naps everyday and was super consistent.

Ruby has been pounding the food lately. Her favorite foods are grapes, watermelon, peas, and corn. She loves peas the most, and I wonder if they are just the perfect size for her to grab. I've been mixing up smoothies with avocado and yogurt to try and put on some ounces. She gets constipated easily so I don't give her a ton of dairy.

She loves to clap and has just figured out how to clap with her hands open. In the past she has clapped but it was always with close fists. She also waves. She says dada, and has started saying mama, but only when she is crying in her crib and really wants me. Ha!

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