Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ayrika and Matt's Wedding

Olivia and Ruby both had colds and I hadn't clearly planned out what I would do with the girls during the temple. I decided to find a babysitter the day before and Sam came to the rescue. Andrea and Davis picked Bob and I up and we drove up to Salt Lake. Andrea picked up the flowers before picking us up and they were 15 minutes behind. Needless to say after that, a couple wrong turns, and then not being able to find a parking place in the parking garage we were cutting it close. The sealing was at 11, we were supposed to be there at 10:30, and we arrived at 10:55. Luckily we made it on time and didn't miss a thing. (My mom on the other hand was having some intense anxiety since we weren't there.)We can all laugh about it later, but it was a little intense.

We barely survived taking pictures, because it was freezing. I took a couple with my phone, and I regret not taking more. But it seriously was so cold. We were all rushing to get back inside.

After the sealing, we had a couple hours to kill before the luncheon. I was feeling nauseous, so we found a couch and just relaxed while I drank a hot chocolate. The luncheon was at the Joseph Smith Memorial building and the food was delicious. There were some wonderful toasts and the dessert wasn't bad either.

We left quickly after so we could get home to the kids. Luckily the kids were awesome. Hopefully Ruby will continue to be good for babysitters, and we have ended the "I only want Mom stage."

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