Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look what slipped on my finger tonight!

I am loving the fact that I am writing another post about engagement tonight. If you look at my last post, there is a picture of two couples, one- my cousin and her boyf got engaged last night. The other couple, Bob and I-- WE GOT ENGAGED tonight!!!! Funny how things just happen. I loved writing that post this morning because I knew that Bob and I were getting engaged, but I didn't think it was happening for atleast a couple more weeks. So I thought the joke was on all of you. But really, the JOKE was on me!!!! Today after I posted, Bob came over, I made him read it and he laughed. Then we played some games on the wii. He did some homework and I worked on relief society stuff. We then took a break and went to pizza factory for lunch. We had bread twists and BBQ pizza- loved every second of it. On our way home I showed him my parents apartments that are in Orem that we will be living in when we get married. (We had been talking marriage the last month, and already have a date with the temple.) We came back to my apartment and did some more homework and relief society stuff.

At about 4, I asked Bob if we needed to take dessert to the dinner we were going to. Earlier in the week Bob told me we were eating dinner with Nick and Ashley and then going to Nickle Cade. The last time they fed us, we were supposed to bring dessert and Bob forgot to tell me so we came empty handed. Bob called Nick and we were to bring dessert. So I ran to the grocery store and got one of those Jello Oreo Desserts. I came home and made it. We watched Phantom of the Opera and then left for Nick's.
When we got there, Bob proceeded to just walk in, which was unusual since the last time we knocked. I was being me and naggingly asked him why he didn't knock, feeling a little awkward. Then I walked inside and low and behold saw the dinner table set for two. On my plate sat a black box with a pretty diamond ring sitting in it. I then reacted in the worst way possible and said, "You Brat!" Ooops, that popped out of my mouth even though I was so excited, but I had been tricked/surprised!!! I was so excited. He told me to stop saying Brat in his most nervous moment. We kissed and then he knelt down, holding my hands in his and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes as quick as possible.
He then put the ring on my finger, took a million pictures and we sat down for dinner. We had ribs, baked potato and Caesar salad. And of course, my dessert that I had made, haha. If I had known, I would've made something better. And of course sparkling cider.
The whole time we were there including the proposal, the song, Let's Get Married by Jagged Edge was playing. Classic Bob music! We cleaned up, (Thank you Nick and Ashley, for letting us use your house!) and went back to my apartment and called our family and friends.
I seriously had no idea that it was happening tonight. I didn't know he had talked to my Dad until this morning when my Dad told me when I was talking to him on facebook chat.... haha. We are going to Oregon next weekend to see his grandparents and I thought it was going to happen after that. It seriously was the best surprise I could ask for.

My parents were the last to know because they had stake conference tonight and didn't get home until 9:45. So everyone else found out first. We came home and had dessert and then my sister Andrea and her date Harris came over to see the ring and talk to us. I just have to say that I love Bob so much and I am so greatful to have him in my life. Today was perfect and I still have to look down and check to see if the ring is still there!
We are getting married May 22nd 2009, in the Salt Lake Temple!
After the engagement we decided we needed to see who was the champion of leg wrestling. Bob and I did about 10 leg wrestles and I won once, even if I had 2 legs against his one.

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