Monday, November 16, 2009

Murder Mystery Party

Our friends Alisha and Patrick invited us to a Murder Mystery party. Bob had never attended one before and it had been maybe 10 years since I last attended one. It was fun to dress up and go out for the night.

I was a woman who had 4 previous husbands, I loved to go to Paris and Milan to go shopping every few weeks, and owned an art gallery.* I had to bring a prop from school. Thinking I had a pack with 1's, 10's, and 100's- but I ended up with just a pack of 1's. It still worked though.

Bob was a young bachelor who was could never settle down with one woman. He was in line to inherit his father's business.

Patrick's character always said MEGA in front of everything he said, and it was so funny! It was a great night.

It was so much fun to see Patrick and Alisha, meet some new friends and eat some good food. I wish we had taken a group picture. One of the couples had switched the parts and the girl dressed as the guy and the guy as the girl. It was pretty funny!


Lindsay Carrick said...

what a fun idea! I've done one of those before, too. Way fun!

Danielle said...

So fun.....and how have I not seen you since your wedding. Barf.... I miss you and the Bobster!....we need to mod podge soon!