Friday, November 6, 2009

Where will we be?

This coming year there will be some changes in our lives. Bob has been applying to pharmacy schools and slowly one by one we are hearing back. Bob had his first interview in Manchester, New Hampshire and we found out last night that he has been accepted. When I looked at the map, I said no. Way too far away. But the more I have thought about it, the more I like it. We are excited knowing we have a place to go. But, we still have 8 schools to hear back from. Most are on the west coast. One in Utah, and one in Washington- both places we would like to live in. A lot of schools don't send out interviews until January-March, so it is a bit of a waiting game. I am so proud of Bob- and can't wait to start the journey of pharmacy school!


Heather said...

Congratulations you guys. I loved going away to school and it was just the two of us. No family to rely on, just eachothers. It was such a fun time! Of course its always nice to come back and live by family once your out of school!

perdue family said...

Go Bob! Congrats you guys, that's very exciting news! Very cute blog makeover Alyse!