Monday, August 8, 2011

milk confession

Ever since I can remember I have drank skim milk. All through high school that is all my family bought. So when I went away to college, I bought skim milk. I remember thinking that other peoples milk was gross when it was 1 or 2%. When I got married I had to convince Bob to let us drink skim, and he so nicely went along with it.

I was reading in a fertility book the other day that whole fat dairy products help with fertility, especially ovulation- my main problem. Apparently as you go down in milk, more hormones are stripped from the milk.

So I went to the grocery store and bought 2%. There was NO way I was going to buy whole milk. Now I have to admit that I am obsessed with 2% milk. Last week has been the best week of my life, we went through a gallon in a flash. I love milk! I can't believe I have been drinking that watery skim milk for basically my whole life. And Bob was happy to say, "I told you so!"

Maybe next time I will try whole?


Michele said...

that is so funny! in some of the books i have read they've mentioned whole milk as well... they've also mentioned ice cream :)

Mark and JanaRae said...

glad you like it. I still can't drink a glass of milk without nesquick in it. I did not get grandpa's tastebuds.

Jolene Huff said...

I knew you would love it! It doesn't compare to that watery stuff! In cereal it is not that bad, but just to drink it, not so good!

Ashley Sloan said...

Haha that is so funny! I always drank 2 and have been working my way down to skim but interesting about ovulation! Hmm!! Will hav to remember that :)

Ashley Sloan