Friday, October 14, 2011

School Days

Once upon a time on pinterest I saw some fall leaves. They were made of crayon shavings. I have TONS of crayons, and we needed an art project to show off at parent teacher conferences. Well, making 28 leaves with an iron in your classroom is basically a disaster. I had to have the kids use sharpeners to get the shavings and somehow they can sharpen a pencil, but a crayon is a lot harder. I feel like it would be a great project for a mom with 3 kids, but not for a teacher with 28 students. (They did turn out cute, but this year will be the only year my students make crayon shaving leaves...)

This last week I got 3 new students, I now have 31 students!!! My 31st student's name is Jayden. I now have 3 Jaydens. At the beginning of the year all of the 3rd grade teachers had 31-32 students on their lists. I only had 26 students show up. Since August I have gotten 5 new students. So I finally have caught up to the other teachers, and won't be getting the next new student!

Here are a few funny things my class has been saying in regards to church...

A cute boy in my class who was in the "developing incident" has been spending a lot of time with me during flex. (Flex is the last 1/2 hour of the day where all of the kids pick an activity, and the teachers can hold back a small group of students to work on math or reading.) Every day his watch would start beeping at 2:00. One day I asked him why his watch went off everyday. He said that he had set his alarm so that he knew when church got out on Sunday. "Church is SOOOO long and I can't wait to get out, when I hear this alarm I get so happy."

I had 3 boys at the back table for a reading group. I was introducing a new book to the kids and we had just learned that the main character had lived a long time ago, was in the woods, and his name was Joseph. One boy turns to the other and says, "I know who it is, it's Joseph Smith, he is from the Book of Mormon." The boys had a discussion about how one thought it was and the other thought it wasn't. The 3rd chimed in listing a few other people who are in the Book or Mormon. We came to the conclusion that it was not him.

And last but not least, we were doing a math assignment together as a class. I was doing each problem on the projector for all of the students to see. Before I started I told them I would be helping them and that it would be WISE for them all to pay attention. One boy bursts out, "I know a wise man, he built his house upon the rock and not the sand."

It makes me happy to know my students are going to primary and church, but I also wonder if they are as naughty for their teachers there as they are for me. haha.


blindblogger said...

I wish I could see a closer picture of the crayon leaves, they look cute and I love the stories of the students!

Mrs. Dean said...

I've been missing your posts! I'm glad you had time to post again. My room mom did the crayon shaving thing with the kids at a party last year, and the only way it could have worked was with all those moms to help. You're so brave, and they turned out so cute!

I'm missing all the funny church references out here at my new school. Nobody talks about Joseph Smith here. Also, if I had to bet, I'd say the kids are probably way naughtier for church than school. We just got called as cub scout leaders and the kids are insane.

Mark and JanaRae said...

I thought about you when I went to my parent teacher. I am glad that they are over.

I think I might have used a cheese grater for the crayons. Just in case you change your mind and want to do them again.

And hopefully 3rd time is the charm! We will keep your in our prayers.