Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

I've been putting off blogging, because I have just not been in the mood to blog lately. But the farther I get behind in blogging, the worse I feel.

We had a wonderful Christmas break. School got out on the 16th and we flew out that night to Washington to spend 2 weeks with Bob's family. Those weeks flew by in an instant, we had an amazing time.

(The day before we left I had an appointment and my new strategy is to take some supplements to help with my endometriosis and take white flour and sugar out of my diet. I decided to dive right in and stopped that day. It was pretty hard not to eat all of the wonderful treats over the break, but at the same time I am glad I didn't go overboard like I usually do.)

 Some of the highlights of our trip include:

- Cooking with Shannon in preparation for the Barber Family Talent Show
- Watching the Barber Family Talent Show
Bob was the MC and he did an amazing job, so many laughs!
- Playing numerous games, I upped my strategies this year and won a few!
- Getting to see my nieces and nephews almost everyday.
- Holding baby Matthew, our newest nephew.
- Spending Christmas morning with Bob's family, my first away from home.
- Going to my in laws ward on Christmas and hearing Brad sing
- Getting my own personal phone call from my brother
- Experiencing my first Christmas dinner (going all out)
- Doing a session at the Columbia River Temple
- Shopping with Heather and Staci
- Playing Just Dance on the Kinect
- Sleeping in every morning, Glorious!
- Birthday lunch with all of the adults.
- And so much more!

I didn't pull my camera out once. I took some pictures on my phone and may add them later. I just want to write it out before I forget.

When we got home we were able to spend a few days with my family before school started.

- Sherlock Holmes and El Gallo
- Making sushi with the family
- Watching the BYU bowl game
- Celebrating my birthday with a flour less cake!
- Playing Rage on New Years with Brent and Andrea
- Changing to 9 church! Wahoo.

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perdue family said...

Sounds like a super fun Christmas! Glad you posted :) We start church at 9 now too and are super excited about it! It means better napping time, duh. And I want some details (=more posts) about this flour-less cake and other things you have been eating.