Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite Things - January

I have been off white sugar and white flour for a month now and I have been feeling so good. It has gotten a lot easier over time. Luckily I can have whole wheat, brown rice, and other sweeteners like agave and honey. Eating out is the hardest while trying to eat this way. So when I order, I think I am doing a good job and then they throw some sauce in that I know has sugar in it. And after I feel gross. I am glad that I am sticking to the no sugar, no flour. I am going to stick it out until school is out, and then only have it when other people cook it for me, or special occasions. 

I have 2 favorite snacks that have helped me to not go crazy. 

Healthy Fudge- This is so addictive! I have to cut it in small pieces so I don't over do it. I love using coconut oil. I also don't add any nuts. 

Black Bean Brownies- These have a similar taste to banana bread, and I think they get better each time I eat them. (Since I don't have sugar in my diet and love these, you may not like them...)

We both got passes to the new gym by our house. It is less than a half a mile away from our house. I have been spending 45 minutes everyday at the gym. I can't believe that I forget how good I feel after going to the gym. Now if I can only keep it up. 

Once I married into the Barber family, I became a gap lover. I had shopped there before but never really loved it. But the more I do, the more I like it. I especially like the Gap Fit line. Last year for Christmas I got some work out clothes that I absolutely love. My most favorite item is the yoga work out pants. I don't do yoga, but I lounge in them and wear them to the gym. I was gifted a black pair, which are slowly fading, but still in good shape. But I wanted another pair. Gap has the charcoal gray on sale for $17, and I bought another pair. I was so happy! 

I have been having the same breakfast everyday for the past week and I absolutely love it. Not being able to have flour and sugar put a small damper on my choices. I have enjoyed all of the Kashi cereals, but my ultimate favorite is the Honey Almond Flax. 

And last but not least my new favorite cracker. They do have rice flour in them, so I try not to eat them very much. But sometimes you need a crunchy snack. I have only tasted almond, but they do have other nut flavors. I have found them at Winco and Good Earth. 


Brad and Amber said...

Wow you are amazing! Keep it up

Andrea said...

I'm very impressed! You are doing awesome! I have been thinking of trying no sugar because I think I am addicted... It is good to know there are some sweet treats that I could still have occasionally. :)

Jolene said...

I love it! You keep me going, I am glad I have someone to do this with! That is also my favorite Kashi cereal too!

Cassandra said...

Way to go! That is impressive. I think I may have to follow your pinterest board more closely! It looks like you know how to find the healthy and yummy recipes! How long did it take you to start noticing a difference in how well you felt?