Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pencil Hoarder

One morning one of my students was having a hard time finding his spelling words. This is not common, and sometimes just an excuse to get out of working. We went to check out his desk when I found a disaster. (I may have known it was building up, but just didn't know how bad.) When he wasn't willing to search, I tipped his desk over so we could find things a little more quickly.

Most of the papers/notebooks/junk fell out, but there was still some stuff left in his desk. I peaked in and saw a ton of pencils.

"Why do you have 100 pencils in your desk?" -- me
"It's not a 100" -- boy
"I'll count while you clean up this mess." (I said to myself)

I found 93 pencils in his desk. It was insane. Then I saw his pencil box and when I went through that my count was to 114. I was happy to tell him he had over 100 pencils in his desk.

He now has a very clean desk, and I have a lot of pencils. I will be keeping my eye out for future hoarding going on in class.

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Andrea said...

I remember my teacher tipping over a couple of kids desk in my 3rd grade class. I of course was too busy making glue bookmarks in the top of my pencil box to notice what nasty crap she found in those hoarder kids' desks.

Lucky for you it was only pencils:)