Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Luck of the Irish

On St. Patrick's day we attended The Luck Of the Irish 5k held at Vineyard. I recruited Bob, Andrea & Brent, and my Mom and Ayrika. Unlike last year, we were not able to convince my Dad to run. We met at 9 and went down to my school to check in. The best part of races in March, is that they start later, since it isn't too warm yet. It was windy, and no one wanted to wait outside for the race to start. My family hung out in the car, while I talked with my students and coworkers.

The weather ended up being perfect for the race. It was cool, but just cool enough that it was comfortable while running. I started out the race with Bob for the first mile. We ran together with a few of my students. Their strategy was to run as fast as they could to pass us, and then once they were 10 feet ahead, they would stop and walk. I tried to tell them to pace themselves, but they were bound and determined to beat me.

In my class I have Viking dollars for classroom management. I give them $10 a week to do their class jobs. Then they pay to get drinks or use the bathroom and I reward them for good behavior. At the end of the month we have a store. So to get my kids to run the race, I bribed them. I told them they could have $50 if they signed up and ran. Then if they beat Bob $100 and me, $200. I had 7 kids from my class attend the race.

After the first mile Bob and I said goodbye and I kept up with one of my students T. Now T was wearing a zip sweatshirt and jeans. His race bib was pinned in all 4 corners over the zipper. About 2 miles in, he told me he was getting hot, but he couldn't get his sweatshirt off. So I told him to just roll his sleeves up. He was running with a girl in our class a few feet ahead of me and told her, "Man I sure do have a wedgie!" She couldn't wait to tell me, and I told her that's what happens when you run in jeans!

For the last mile I ran with one of the 2nd grade teachers Steffanie Williams. The race went by so quickly having someone to talk to. Also seeing my kids and cheering them on during the race made it that much more fun! In the end, I cheered T on to beat me. I was so proud of him for finishing!

In the end, K a girl in my class came in 1st for all 3rd graders, then T, and then me. Just between them I gave out $700 Viking dollars. I had to go buy some more prizes for my class store this month!

After the race we had Menchies frozen yogurt, which I loved. And then we left.

On Monday when I went to class I was surprised to find out that I won the 19-25 age division. Luckily I barely made it into that division. My time was the worst time I've ever had in a 5k race, so I was VERY surprised that I won.  Brent won the 1st for the men.

I wore the medal in class and my kids kept applauding me, they were soooo cute!

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