Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look who I found

This morning I was in Provo getting some blood work done for the baby doctor. (I was asked to do it almost a month and a half ago, and today was the day I finally got it done... slacker!) On my way home I decided to stop at the DI to check a few things out. Yesterday Bob and I went to the American Fork DI to look for a rocking chair, but didn't find anything we liked. Even though I wasn't finding anything I liked online that didn't cost $500 +, I didn't think I would find anything at DI.  I was taking my time around looking for a few specific items I had in mind to decorate, and finally made my way back to the chairs. When I got to the chair section I found this-

Grandpa Hales! I started laughing and wasn't completely surprised to see him there or asleep. My Grandma Hales is a DI professional. She has been going her whole life and can always find the best things. I remember going with her as a child and getting to pick out a couple things each trip. That was at the old Provo DI, where things were much cheaper. My Grandma doesn't like the new(er) DI as much. And as for the sleeping, my Grandpa was known to take his lunch break from work at a nearby park and would nap in his car.

My camera on my phone is broken, so I was pulling out my iPad to take a quick picture when I spotted my Grandma. She had a framed picture in her cart that she was really excited about. I told her I was going to take a picture, and she laughed and told me to to hurry before he woke up. Turns out Grandma had just had some blood work done too, (we compared bandages) and was shopping to make herself feel a little better. What a great example I have in my life!

After seeing my Grandparents, I started looking at the chairs and found a really nice rocking chair. I was so happy, because it was a good quality rocking chair and it wasn't too much. My Grandma gave me her approval and then told me to sit in the chair so no one could take it from me. Now my Grandma knows best when it comes to DI, so I sat myself down for a good 10 minutes. And during that time there were quite a few people eyeing my new find. Luckily my Dad was about to leave work to go to Tooele, so he was able to pick up the large chair and drop it off at our apartment.

This is by far my best purchase at DI. I am going to try to figure out how to make a cushion and then I'll post some pictures.


Leandra said...

ha ha ha that is hilarious! can't wait to see pictures of the chair you got.

perdue family said...

HAHAHA!! My mom and I are cracking up! That's the story of my grandpas life...always waiting for grandma to shop. Can't wait to see your chair :)