Monday, January 14, 2013

2 Months

Our sweet baby Olivia is 2 months today! Time sure has gone by quickly and we are loving every second of it. Here are a few things to remember about the last month.

- We spent a week at my parents house while Bob was recovering from surgery, Olivia always had someone to hold her and play with her.
- Had her 1st Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Hales house. Santa brought her some books, toys, clothes, and a doll.
- Took her first airplane ride and flew to Washington to see Grandma & Grandpa Barber, we spent a week there.
- Met all of her cousins who live in Washington including the newest baby in the family Keith Crosby.
(We need to take a trip to San Diego so we can meet one more cousin.)
- Started going to the babysitter while I work for a few hours each morning
- Goes to bed around 10, wakes up to eat around 4, and then I feed her at 7 before I go to work. Then she will take a bottle around 10 and then I feed her again when I get home at noon.
- Still wears size 1 diapers
- Her eyelashes have grown a ton in the last couple weeks
- Doesn't love tummy time, but will tolerate it for a few minutes at a time
- Wears mostly 3 month clothes
- Has a nice bald spot on the back of her head
- After eating Olivia loves to coo and smile. She will play and be happy for about 30 minutes before she gets fussy and wants to be swaddled.
- If tired, she will fall asleep minutes after being swaddled.
- She has started spitting up... usually 5-10 minutes after each feeding.
- Loves to be held facing outward so she can see what is going on.
- Also gets mesmerized by the TV, she will stare at it for a while and it calms her sometimes when she is upset.
- Loves to lay on her stomach propped up on my boppy. She holds her head up so well.
- Last night she slept completely through the night, 10-6 = one happy mama!

2 Month Stats:
Head:      15.25 inches 70%
Length:   23.25 inches 86%
Weight:   10 lb. 13 oz. 42%

And some thoughts from the mom:

Flying with a newborn was nerve wrecking for me. I was super nervous. On the way there she had a poopy diaper mid-flight so I had to change her diaper on Bob's lap. And then I had to nurse her after that. But other than that, it wasn't too bad. On the way home she slept the whole way, but there was an 8 month old baby behind us who wouldn't stop coughing and I freaked out. I kept the blanket over her face the whole time. Each time he coughed I would scoot up a little in my chair.

For a little while I would get worried that she was growing up too fast, but then I realized that I was enjoying her even more everyday as she is getting bigger and bigger. She is so fun right now and I love hearing her little voice as she coos, talks, and laughs. She is full of smiles!

Going back to work freaked me out. I wasn't ready to go back, but it had to happen. The first morning I took her to the babysitter and she was all smiles. It was a lot easier to drop her off knowing she was happy. We had a really good schedule the first week and that was a huge blessing. Both Bob and I appreciated the sleep we got as we both went back to work.  I love part time, I am home in time for lunch and still have the whole afternoon with her.

We started eating our freezer meals and it has been so nice. Everyday I look in the freezer for something to eat, pull it out and let it defrost for the next day. I have a bunch of fruits and vegetables from Bountiful Basket and combined we have a great meal. We have enjoyed all of the ones we have eaten so far, but our favorite is the chicken - sun dried tomato pasta bake.

One night as we were getting ready for bed, Olivia was really fussy. I was walking around trying to get her to fall asleep and put her down in her crib. She had been crying a lot so I didn't expect her to stop when I put her down. I went into another room to do something and then she stopped crying. I went in and she had fallen asleep. BUT I wasn't ready for her to sleep in her nursery so I picked her up and brought her back into our room. haha.


Brad and Amber said...

3708She is adorable! I glad that you are adjusting to being a new mom. I hop everything goes well for you.

Anderson Family said...

Hey next time your in Washington let me know I will be happy to drive there it's only 2 1/2 hours away and we need to get a cute picture of the two babies born on the same day!!!

You such a cute mommy too and your daughter is so cute! Glad everything is going good for you and your family!!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

She is adorable! I can't believe she is already 2 months.