Sunday, February 3, 2013

Olivia's Blessing Day

On February 3rd Olivia was blessed at church. This was her first appearance at church because she is a winter baby. We were so happy to have so many members of our family there to support us. Bob's parents came down from Washington and his cousins Mitch and Kyle with their families were there. My immediate family was there along with Grandma Jayne, the Stewarts, Andrus' & Ren Hales' family.

Our friends Amber and Jordan Burr blessed their daughter Olivia that Sunday too.

Bob gave a beautiful blessing and Olivia was nice and quiet, even when her binky popped out. Olivia wore the blessing dress that I wore when I was blessed. My Grandma Jayne bought it for me.

After church we had lunch at my parents house. We had tapioca for dessert because it was my Dad's birthday, and it's his favorite.

A little comparison of mother & daughter on their blessing days.
Alyse- February 2nd 1987  Olivia- February 3rd 2013
I was a little over 6 weeks and Olivia was 12 weeks. 

Here I am holding Olivia, and my Mom holding me. 

My Dad, on his birthday with Olivia

My parents with Olivia.

Andrea and Brent

Our family!

Olivia and I, love that cute smile of hers!

Bob and Olivia

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