Sunday, August 18, 2013

9 Months

I feel like I was just writing last months post. (And maybe I was a couple weeks late writing your 8 month post...)

- Your first two teeth popped up this month. Your bottom two, the left one came in first and then a few days later the right one started coming in. You have such a cute smile with your two little teeth.

- You started biting and for a day Mom didn't think she was going to nurse you anymore.
- One day Mom found you sitting up in your crib. You know can go from laying down, to sitting up all by yourself.
- Crawling backwards is your form of transportation,  you also can move from side to side, but no regular crawling yet.
- You are scared of the vacuum, even if you just see it in the living room not going, you freak out.
- When you are happy, you scream to let everyone know.
- You also pant like a dog
- Uncle Dan taught you to spit.
- When you want extra attention, you start pretend coughing.
- You started having stranger anxiety, Grandpa Hales came over and you cried, twice.
- Sleeping has been amazing. You usually go to bed around 8, and sleep 11 - 12 hours.
- Celebrated the 24th of July in Mapleton like Mom did when she was a kid.

- Went to your first Rodeo.
- Celebrated Olivia Burr's 1st birthday, it was a Minnie Mouse party.
- Met your twin cousin Mia. Mom's cousin Kellie had baby Mia the same day as you, you are only a few hours apart.

- Attended the Hales family reunion in Logan, Utah and Preston, Idaho.
- Went to the Clarksdale Pageant.
- Started waving
- Love to eat anything that Mom and Dad are eating. Your favorites this month were grapes, tomatoes,
 strawberries, pasta, bread, and chicken. You usually eat one container of baby food a day and then eat what Mom and Dad are eating at other meals.
- You wear size 3 diapers.
- Wear 6 - 9 month clothes.
- You weighed 17.2 pounds when we weighed you on August 10th.


Danielle Bates said...

My mom said she saw you and Olivia at Gap awhile back. My mom has never raved about a baby being so cute. She is adorable. I need you to teach me about the number onesies, so I can make some boy one's.

Alisha Frost said...

She's a doll!