Saturday, February 15, 2014

15 Months

(By the time we took this picture, you were all out of smiles from your Valentines photo shoot.)

Mom doesn't know if she should keep calling you baby Livy, you are growing up and are acting more and more like a Toddler. (Throwing fits included.) Your new convertible carseat came and we made the upgrade. You enjoy sitting up, but you still like to sit in your old car seat when we are in Dad's car.

Your first molar is completely in (bottom right) and the second molar (bottom left) is just starting to make an appearance. You will have 8 teeth once it pops through.

Sleeping at night has been peaceful the last few weeks, and you are back to your regular 8:00 - 8:00. Mom is preparing for you to start waking up again because that seems to be the pattern lately. A few good weeks, a few rough weeks. Oh, teething!

You love your naps. You still nap twice a day and still average 3-4 hours total.

Your words lately are: Da Da, Uh Oh, Yum, Cheese, Jesus, Duck, Hi, Hey, No, and Nose. While at Grandma's you were mimicking Mom say Keeli when you saw the dog.

This month you have started to take on the role of 'little mom' to your baby doll. You carry her everywhere, want to swaddle her up, feed her bottles of milk & juice, and give her kisses.

Your biggest achievement this month is you learned how to go down the stairs. You are getting better every time you try it and are excited to show off your skills at Grandma & Grandpa Barber's next month.

When you wake up we give you a cup of milk and cereal/bread/fruit/pancakes. You play for a few hours and usually take a nap (still in pajamas) around 10:30. When you wake up we give you some more milk and lunch, usually whatever mom is eating. We play again until 2 and then you go down for another nap. When you wake up you sometimes have a pouch of baby food and we play for a little while before dinner. You eat your own dinner around 5:30 and then again with Mom and Dad when Dad gets off work around 7:30. Pajamas are on by 8, and then it's off to bed usually by 8:30 at the latest.

Even with all of the meals you eat, you are still tiny. The doctor was a little worried about your weight at your last appointment.

You have been enjoying fruit, turkey or ham, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, avocado, carrots and enjoyed having your first juice box.

Still wearing size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. Your feet have gotten a little bigger and are around a 2.5. A lot of 2's don't fit you but 3's are still too big.

You are very observant and are picking up on a lot of things. When you find Mom's watch you try to put it on your wrist.

You think you are really funny when you put your head on the ground and your bum in the air. You look like you are in ready position to do a summersault. Usually you will bounce your bum up and down and laugh.

Church is getting harder and harder. You do not want to stay still. In Relief Society you run circles around the ladies, you get into all of the purses and bags, and want to stand up by the teacher. 3 more months until nursery!

This month you visited the library, music class at the pharmacy, and a play date with friends in the ward. You love to be social. You especially love your cousin Jensen.

At your 15 month appointment your stats were:
Weight - 17 pounds, 10 ounces   6%
Length - 29.5 inches tall            17%
Head Circumference  18 in.       52%

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