Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Before I ran off to the gym, I made Olivia breakfast. She loves pancakes and fruit - she is very easy to please. I was going to make her milk pink, but all of her cups are colored, so there was no point. A pink cup worked perfectly.

I got my hair cut that morning, which was a gift to myself. My hair had been in a braid for the past month since my ends were so bad. I feel like a new person and I love the cut.

I made Bob and I turkey burgers and asparagus for lunch. (The other night Bob got a hamburger and fries after scouts. He told me he felt like he deserved it since he had been eating so many healthy meals at home.)

Olivia and I left to go to the doctors and Bob left for work. For some reason in my mind the 15 month appointment was like the 9 month - no shots. If I had known better I wouldn't have scheduled it for Valentines day. Olivia got 3 shots, she wasn't happy when they poked her but she was back to her normal chipper self as we left the doctor's office.

Olivia went straight down for a nap when we got home. I grabbed a couple cookies (fake health cookies) and read in bed. I usually tidy up the house and get caught up on my to do list, but today I just relaxed.

When Olivia woke up we took her 15 month pictures. I should've done it before the shots, what was I thinking?

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Hales house and she opened her Valentines card.

We had a great dinner of Cafe Rio pork and brownies for dessert. Olivia loved hers.

She opened a present from grandma. 

And last but not least we compared thighs with baby Jensen. At 4 months, his are definitely bigger than Olivia's.

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