Friday, September 5, 2014

Westin's Wedding

Today my cousin Westin got married. It was such a nice day until we went to drop Olivia off at the babysitter and that was when the thunder started. The wedding was being held at the Springville Museum of Art here in Springville and was supposed to take place in the gardens. By the time we got to the museum it was seriously pouring rain. Andrea and I ran as fast as we could with me being pregnant and her in heels. We helped set up some chairs inside as they had to move the ceremony inside. It was so fun to catch up with cousins and be with family celebrating Westin and Miranda.

The rain had stopped so we were able to eat our meal outside. I didn't get a picture but the tables were decorated so beautifully. My Aunt Shauna has the eye for that kind of thing and I seriously loved it all. After dinner we grabbed some family pictures before some of the family had to leave.

We went and picked up Olivia and on our way back to the reception she started unwrapping their gift. {I say this is all Bob's fault because he has been talking to her about her birthday and Christmas and presents. Needless to say, he is a little excited about the upcoming holidays.}

They had a cheesecake bar at the reception which was delicious. As I am trying to only have 1 dessert a week, I was glad I waited for that one. Since the reception was outside, Olivia was running all over the place. She loved the fountain the most, along with the statues and this little corner of the garden. My cousin Addi and my mom were kind enough to tag a long with her so I could sit down and talk for a while.

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