Wednesday, September 3, 2014

32 Weeks

I am so excited that I am 32 weeks, although 8 more weeks sounds like a long time to me. I am trying not to wish time away, and enjoy my time with Olivia. But as I get bigger and more uncomfortable, it's hard not to wish for our sweet baby to be here.

32 Weeks with my dirty mirror.
This month was kind of a hard one. Probably because I broke my finger, which is such a small break but you do so much with your hands. I also will call this month the month of the bowling ball. Up until now my belly never really got in the way. But now when I bend over to change diapers or pick things up I feel like there is a bowling ball attached to my belly. Lucky for me it's not, it's a cute little baby.

I was lucky enough to get a pedicure this month. A couple days after I broke my finger I went to the salon to have them blow dry my hair. There was no way I was going to try and attempt washing and blow drying my hair after that. And while I was there I decided to treat myself and it was so nice. I told Bob that might have to happen a couple more times before baby comes.

It's funny how no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at - you feel like you are so big. The main picture on my blog is of me at 17 weeks and I remember being at Mitch's wedding feeling so big. And now I look back and I don't even look pregnant. Right now I am feeling huge. But I know that I will continue to grow and look back thinking that was nothing.

I have been buying a few things. Bob might say a lot of things. Mostly a bunch of headbands and bows, and a couple new sleepers. I have also been looking up ideas for our newborn pictures, which will also include getting family pictures for our Christmas card. I need to find what we will be wearing because that has to be done before baby comes. I am thinking that the colors will be gold, navy, and maroon.

I start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks for the next 2 and then every week after that. We are getting so close!!!

For the first time in months I actually blow dried and then curled my hair with the curling iron. But my picture taking skills aren't up to par so I didn't get all of my head. I am super excited about this new robe I got.

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