Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Classic Skating

The girls and I met up with friends today at Classic Skating in Orem. I am so lucky to have such great friends who have kids the same ages as mine. When I got the text invite, I said no at first because Olivia doesn't have a scooter, and she is still too short for her bike. But they let me know that there was lots more to do than just skate/scoot. I hadn't been to Classic Skating in a long time. I am so glad we went.

Brooke, Jacqueline, Lisel and I spent the first hour catching up and talking in the parking lot while the kids ran around. We arrived at 10 and it didn't open until 11. The weather was beautiful and the kids had just as much fun inside as they did outside. Right before we went inside Olivia tripped and fell.

We made our way to the bounce houses and I got a little nervous. The last time we went to Kangaroo Zoo, Olivia freaked out and hated every second of it. I am happy to report that Olivia has conquered her fear and she had a ball.

After a half hour or so we went to the rink and the kids played there. Olivia mostly ran around with her friend Jack. We brought her bike, but since I would have to push her, she let James take it for a ride. We spent the rest of the time in between the rink and sitting on the non-moving rides. I'm glad Olivia doesn't know that if you put money in them, they actually move. She liked them just the way they were.

Jack and Olivia driving the car together.
It was also so fun for Ruby and Bethany to meet. They are a little over a month apart and their older siblings Jack and Olivia are a little over a month apart. 

Poor Ruby and her socks on top of her pants. This is the only way I can keep them on. haha!

And to go back down memory lane, here is Olivia and Jack when they first met.

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