Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ruby {4 Months}

Ruby embraced tummy time this month and would last more than a minute before crying. She holds her head up well and rolled over front to back on February 21st. That day she rolled 3 times in a row.

This month she she has been waking up usually two times a night. She goes to bed at 9 and then wakes up around midnight and 3 to eat. Some nights she only woke up once but most nights it was 2 times and a few nights she had 3 feedings. Ruby does a great job of putting herself to sleep. I feed her, and then lay her down while she is awake and within 5-10 minutes she is asleep.

She is definitely a binky baby. She takes it at nap time and bedtime along with being swaddled. Sometimes she will wake up at night when she breaks out of her swaddle. She still loves sucking on her hands and fingers. She has found her fingers and can grab things. She is always grabbing her binky and pulling it out of her mouth.

When laying on her play mat she grabs onto the toys and holds on tight. There are 2 stars that she always grabs onto. Olivia loves to lay down next to her and play along.

We are still nursing every 2-3 hours during the first half of the day. In the afternoon it's closer to 3-4 hours depending on the day. She didn't have any bottles this month, which was my bad. I need to keep giving her one every once in a while.

Almost everyday she will take a long nap in the afternoon, she sleeps around 2 hours and usually during Olivia's nap. It has been awesome for me! She will take 20-30 minute naps every couple hours during the day.

She is wearing size 1 diapers, 0-3 pants, and 3-6 shirts/dresses. I have a pair of skinny jeans in size 3-6 months that were my favorite with Olivia. But right now they just fall off Ruby.

Her hair is all sorts of crazy. It is thick and has a sweet mullet/bald spot on the back. And then it is very fine on the top and grows in like a mohawk. She has some random super long hairs that I will probably trim soon.

Ruby is a very happy and calm baby. She will give you smiles all day and has been laughing a lot this month.

Her 4 month appointment was held at 4 months 13 days and these are her stats:

Weight - 10 pounds 12 ounces - .75%
Height -  24.5 inches                -  39%
Head - 15.5 inches                    - 11%

The doctor is concerned once again. And asked that I top her off twice a day with a bottle after nursing. I tried it the first day and she refused the bottle. I'll try again when Bob is home and can give it to her, but I am pretty sure that she is getting enough food while nursing and is just a skinny baby.

(Olivia was 13 pounds but only 23 inches at 4 months.)

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