Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oh Olivia!

A post dedicated to Olivia and some funny things she has been up to lately.

Stickers at church are a must. But after peeling these ones off her face, she'll stick to paper.
A few times a week, Olivia will get on her shoes and jacket. Then ask for her backpack and fill it with toys. "See ya later Mom, I'm going to Washington." She sure loves and misses her Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins.

After rocking Ruby to sleep, I realized I hadn't seen Olivia for 15 minutes or so. This is a rare occurrence in our small apartment. I found her laying in my bed watching cartoons. As soon as she saw me, she pulled a blanket over her head to hide.

We were visiting my grandparents and she came over to me and said, "let me check your poops mom." Obviously I've been checking her diaper a lot lately.

As we are getting closer to potty training and have been practicing she will cry at night when we put her to bed. Through her door we can hear her saying, "I need to go poop on the potty." Or "I'm pooping Mom."

Bob was flipping channels the other night when he stopped to watch a basketball game. Olivia upon seeing basketball started cheering, "Go Cougars, Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw."

Olivia and I were kneeling down saying prayers in her room. I prompted her to say I love Jesus. She repeated back, "I love Jesus, Mary, and Joseph."

Grandma and Grandpa Barber were skyping with Olivia one Sunday and they asked her what she learned about in nursery, she replied "snacks."

While playing with her princesses the other day I heard her say, "Jasmine, say you're sorry!"

When eating donuts or cinnamon rolls, she just eats the top off.

I did a boot camp last month and Bob wanted to know what I did with the exercise ball. So I showed him the exercises we learned that day. Later I found Olivia doing the exercises on the ball. "Mom look I do my nexercise."

When I make lunch, Olivia loves to sit on the counter and help me. The last few times I have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she has asked to taste the bread before I start. And then she takes 2-3 bites of the bread. She thinks she is so funny.

Olivia kept saying "there's a snake in my bed" "the snake is scary" "he's lookin at me" and I couldn't figure out why. We searched for the snake but couldn't find him. Then one day she said "there's a snake and he's lookin at me" and I made the connection with one of the books that she has in her room.

When reading the Book of Mormon, we were reading about the Tree of Life and we talked about the fruit. Now when we read, she says, "I want to eat the fruit." And then she pretends to eat it off of the page.

I have been using the nickname Sweetheart for Ruby. The other day Olivia came out of her room holding her baby, "This is my sweetheart mom." And sometimes when I am talking with Ruby I will say, Where's my Girl? And if Olivia hears me she will say, "I'm right here Mom!"

She overcame her fear of the bounce houses and play gym. 

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