Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 Month Appointment

Because we were in Washington when Ruby turned 2 months, all of her appointments have been bumped a couple weeks. So her 4 month appointment happened when she was 4 months and 13 days. Poor Olivia was sick so I took her to a friends house. If I took her with me, I would've had to go in the sick side - which I didn't want to do since Ruby still hadn't caught her sickness. I met with Dr. Later and he immediately addressed his concerns about her weight.

But after I told him that she was eating well and that I had tried pumping and feeding extra after her last appointment he decided to examine her. He said that she looks great and that she is hitting all of her milestones. He was super nice about her weight although he told me 2 or 3 times that he was concerned. He recommended trying to top her off after 2 feedings a day with a bottle.

I know I said this before but it is so crazy how kids can be so different from each other. Olivia was shorter than Ruby at 4 months. So Ruby is just a tall string bean. I hope that over the next couple months we can gain the weight needed.

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