Sunday, July 20, 2008

And a Week goes by...

I apologize in advance because I am horrible at this blogging thing. The only reason is because I do not have a computer at the moment! Soon the problem will be solved because I am getting my Dad's old computer and I will also be getting a Mac laptop through my school. Aren't we all excited???? I sure am, minus the part of being able to use a Mac. I don't have a clue how and what do you do with out the right click???
I am not sure if it will be black, I am pretty sure it will be white, but rumor has it that we will be getting brand new macbooks. SWEET! This week was full of work, work and work. And then I would go to my classroom when possible to fix it up. I thought that I was close to being done, but I am far from it. Here are a few pics to update everyone in the blogging world. I am excited to get pirate type material and make curtains. 'Alyse making curtains?' I guess I will attempt!

This is a side view, with my two bulletin boards. I also as you can tell set up all of my desks. There are 30 and I can't believe it took up my whole entire room. I hope I don't start out with 30, because there won't be room to grow.

This is where I moved my desk, into the back corner where my closet is. I figured I might as well have all of my stuff in the same area. You can also see my new manipulative organizer that I got at target and put together by myself. I even bought at screwdriver!!!!!

And last but not least here is my book shelf. I am still covering my books with contact paper so I haven't brought them all over yet, but I just love it. I have been saving books forever for this very moment. I also have all of my student supplies sitting in tubs. I have way too many crayons, but I guess my kids will just be coloring all of the time. School starts in less than a month!!!!

This week Step Up 2, take it to the streets came out on DVD. I saw this movie opening day with my roommate Shelly and our friend Morgan. Seriously it was the best. I loved the first one and I think I Loved the 2nd one even more. Danielle bought the movie and we watched it on thursday night. And then again on friday night. To finish out the weekend on Saturday night I watched the first one again. I can't tell you how much I love Step Up 1 and 2.

Here are a few pictures, even though the dancing in the rain

doesn't do the movie justice. You have to rewind or skip back

to the scene and watch it 83 times because they are so good.

I also love Channing Tatum, even though he is only in the 2nd

movie for the first few scenes.

On saturday I drove to Farmington to go to Brittney Thomas's bridal shower. I haven't seen her for almost a month. We lived at the Riviera for the past 2 years, and the last year we lived in the same apartment. We have had tons of awesome memories together and I am both happy and sad to see her get married.

Her and Mike are perfect for each other and their announcements are gorgeous. She is tying the knot on August 16th and out other roommate Alisha is getting married on the 15th. I can't wait! Love you Britt!

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