Thursday, July 9, 2009

A taste of Chicago...

We were lucky to be invited to go on a trip with my family to Chicago for a few days this summer. We left on Wednesday the 1st, and were excited to get away from school and work! Classic, "Here we are on the plane" Picture
Squishing in the back of the cab. We had 7 people plus the driver in a mini-van. It was so tight!

When we got to our hotel in Chicago they told us that the taste festival was going on and that Ne-Yo was having a concert in the park that night. After putting our luggage away we walked down town to the Taste Festival. We were able to try a variety of different foods and see Ne-Yo perform!A little bit of Ne-Yo. Yes he is out there, he is wearing a white hat and shirt. There were tons of people and there was no way to get close!Bob and I with this Rib sandwich- It was really good. You buy tickets and then pay for the food with them. They would let you get a sample for only 3 or 4 tickets. Or a full size was about 8 or 9.My family minus Andrea, at the end of our night at the taste festival.


Mary said...

could you please move so you can get the internet... i need you to update your blog

Brittany said...

Alyse how fun! I've never been to looks like it was a blast! We definitely need to have you guys over soon...i CANNOT believe it's already August!!!