Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bob's Puzzle Update!

Bob got this puzzle for Christmas from his parents. We started it about a month ago. When I say we, I mean I helped with the edges and then I was done. Puzzles are hard for me, I don't have the patience and can't see the connections between pieces. haha.

So Bob has been working on this puzzle for the last month when he has a spare minute I can always find him in the kitchen. I am excited for it to be done, so we can eat at the kitchen table again. We plan on gluing it together and framing it when he is done.

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Torrie and Cassidy said...

I'm with you...I pretty much have no patience when it comes to puzzles. We also got one for Christmas, and Cassidy put the whole thing together with maybe 10 pieces contributed by me. I sure was proud of those 10 pieces though!