Saturday, February 13, 2010

{A Clue Valentines Day}

This weekend I planned an overnight getaway for our first Valentines as a married couple. The suspense all started a week ago when Bob asked what we were doing. Somehow he guessed that we were going to Chef's Table for dinner. I let him think that we were, and soon he was studying the menu on their website.

On Friday, I got home from school a few minutes earlier than Bob and waited eagerly. We got in the car, and awaiting him was CLUE #1. This led us to a B&B that we would stay the night at. Thank you GPS!

After checking in, Bob was able to open CLUE #2 which led us to dinner at Brick Oven. Where we shared Bob's favorite pizza, BBQ chicken and pineapple.
After a wonderful breakfast of fruit parfaits, fresh fruit, stuffed french toast, and bacon, Bob opened CLUE #3. This address took us to the Temple where we did Sealings together. (Bob knew we were going there that day, so it wasn't too much of a surprise.)

CLUE #4 sent us back home to take a break. Bob worked on his puzzle and we both prepared our lessons for church tomorrow.
CLUE 5a gave us an address that took Bob to the marriott center, and 5b contained the tickets to the BYU basketball game. - Sorry no pictures!

*When I was packing for our overnight trip, I on accident saw my present on Bob's side of the bed. He got me a new waffle iron. I am so excited. It will make lots of waffles, it is a family style iron. Bob accidentally broke the one we got for our wedding, so we haven't had waffles for a long time. I got Bob a gift card to Uinta Golf. With that and some money he had been saving he got a few new clubs, and a little something extra special.... haha.All in all, we had a wonderful weekend. We are happy to be home tonight together, and not out fighting others for a table at a restaurant. I have a wonderful husband who I love. He puts up with me, strengthens me, and makes me a better person. I love you babe! Happy Valentines Day!


Mark and JanaRae said...

you are too cute. What a fun idea. It looks like you guys had a great time.

Emily Jones said...

I love the clue idea. So cute and so fun! Happy Valentine's Day. I miss having it with the kids. I hope it was fun for you!