Thursday, February 11, 2010

February update!

I have wanted to share a lot of things that have been happening, yet I haven't sat down and actually done it. I have a few minutes until lunch is over and thought I would get started on my list:

At the beginning of the year Bob opened up a puzzle he got for Christmas. Since that day, we haven't eaten dinner at the table. Here is the first week, and soon I'll post a picture from this week to show the progress.Yes that picture does show that this puzzle is 2,000 pieces!

On February 3rd my Dad turned 50!!! A week or so before we threw him a surprise party. We had both my Mom's and Dad's family meet at El Gallo Giro for dinner. It was a very busy weekend. Andrea and I did everything for the party, and my Mom's job was to get him to the dinner. The night before the party Andrea and I went on a search for 50 presents. Let me tell you, it is hard to find 50 presents for a reasonable price. Some included: a tall tee from Gen X, tapioca pudding, popcorn, braces cleaners, and lots of other fun and small things. It was a lot of fun to celebrate my Dad's 50th! I love you Dad!

On February 7th- We celebrated Bob's Dad's birthday. And also one year from our engagement. It's crazy that is has already been one year. We are 4 months shy of our one year anniversary. Time sure does go by fast.

We have gone to a few BYU basketball games and have been watching some new movies. We recently were called to be Ma and Pa for our stake trek this summer and are excited to prepare and go on that adventure.

Hopefully by the end of March we will know where we will be going for Pharmacy school this fall. We are still waiting to hear back from a few schools and have an interview scheduled for the beginning of March with a school in South Jordan.

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Emily Jones said...

Yay! Selfishly, I hope you get in to the school in South Jordan. Good luck!