Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cheesecake Anyone?

This past Sunday we celebrated Bob's birthday with my family. (My parents were on a cruise on his birthday.) My cousin Emily made an awesome dinner, and I provided the dessert. Bob chose oreo cheesecake. I used this recipe, and it was really good.

Here is the cheesecake, I forgot to take a picture before my Dad stole a piece.

I was so proud of the cheesecake, even though I hadn't tasted it at this point. I wish that I could smile just one time with my eyes open....
Had to take a picture of Bob with the cheesecake, since it was his birthday!


Kelsey & David Barber said...

Looks delicious! You get wife of the year award. P.S. I like the highlights in your hair- I know you did them awhile ago but I am telling you now =)

Leandra said...

I would give my soul to have some of that cheese cake right now- looks so soooooo good.