Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob turned 24 on June 7th. Luckily we were babysitting my fun cousins Nathaniel and Jaxon that weekend. They seriously were so fun to have around, and Bob had a ton of fun with them. On his actual birthday we went to Nickle City. The 4 of us had a blast playing different games. Bob hit the jack pot time and time again and we ended up having over 1500 tickets. Bob and I split the tickets between the 2 boys. They each got a rubber band gun. On the way home, we picked up some pizza and ate it at their house. Nathaniel had never had bbq chicken pizza and he ate over half of the pizza!

After dinner we competed in many wii games. And then the boys played dunk ball on the trampoline.
I made a batch of cupcakes and during the day we sang happy birthday to Bob. He had no problem blowing out the candles. I think that each boy had at least 3 cupcakes. (Pictures to come, I left my camera at home.)

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