Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bridal Shower and Grandpa Stories

Yesterday my cousin Emily and I threw a bridal shower for my sister Andrea. Emily did mostly everything, she was so fun to throw a shower with. After my Turkey Cake Pops, she looked online and thought that the Cupcake Pops wouldn't be too hard. I warned her not to do it, but she made them anyway. They were super cute, although they did take a lot of time.
(These are Bakerella's, but Emily's looked almost identical.)

We decided to do soups for the main dish. My mom made her amazing rolls to go with them. All of the soups were amazing. My cousin JanaRae brought a Tomato-Basil with Orzo pasta, it was divine. Emily made a vegetable soup that had mint and lemon in it. And then I made my 2 favorite soups. White Chicken Chili and Pumpkin Curry soup.

 For dessert along with the cake pops, I made some chocolate cookies that I had found online at one of my favorite blogs. They were really good. I am excited to make them for school next week. (We all share a Christmas treat the last few days of school.)

During the shower, I meant to take pictures- but with talking to family members I didn't get around to it. The only picture I got was at the end of Andrea next to the banner I made for the shower.

Today on our way to my parents house for dinner, we stopped to pick my Grandpa up. My Grandma had knee replacement surgery last week, and is staying in a rehabilitation center near our house. Grandpa needed a ride home, so we picked him up. While visiting with my Grandma before we left, Grandpa showed Bob his IPad and let him listen to his favorite songs. Sick em on a Chicken, is his favorite song that he always has us listen to when we are visiting.

The ride to Mapleton went by quickly as Grandpa told us many stories about his past, along with Springville history. I love hearing his stories, and hope that I don't forget them.

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