Wednesday, December 15, 2010

spending time wisely

I came home from school with 1 million things to do. I listed a few in my last post. I am happy to say that the pile of laundry, is actually gone. Well part is put away, part is clean on the couch, and the rest is in the dryer. (I am progressing though.) Between loads of laundry I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, and swept the floor.

I still need to:
Buy Christmas presents
Make a few Christmas presents
Mail a few presents
Buy new shoes and jewlery for Andrea's wedding (12/17)
Bake treats for the neighbors
Print off pictures of my class for Christmas presents

.... and I am sure a few more things my brain can't process at the moment.

Instead of doing any of those things, tonight I did the following.

Wedding toenails,  her colors are black, cream, and gold. I do need open toe black maybe gold shoes to go with. Yes I am wearing my candy cane striped PJ pants. I love them.
Glittery JOY letters, that will be put in three 5x7 frames with red paper background. Need to buy frames when I go out and do all of my shopping. I found my inspiration and by that I mean the exact idea from HERE. If you would like to make it, buy your wood letters and come over, I have spray adhesive and a lot of green glitter leftover!


Heidi said...

When you said your laundry was gone, I was sort of hoping you'd thrown it away . . . :)

Alisha Frost said...

Hey Alyse! I know holidays are super busy, but we're going to be in Pleasant Grove all next week and we'd love to see you and Bob if you're around. Even if it's for just a short minute.